as happy as i'll ever be with a 38-17 loss |

as happy as i'll ever be with a 38-17 loss


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Aug 16, 2011
a few reasons.

nassib has feasted on bad defenses, yesterday he looked very good against a good defense. I think that was his best game BY FAR. deep balls remain a question mark only because they didn't even bother trying to beat their corners (can't blame them). i thought hackett and marrone did a good job making chicken salad yesterday ou

couple strange defensive decisions (blitzing both safeties on 2nd and 25???) but they were so aggressive. even to the point of dirty (spruill imitating a headhunting hockey player)which hopefully can be corrected. but i don't mind a 15 yarder here and there, you just don't want to do it on plays where you had them stopped. but i love the attitude. this would've been the type of game in the past that would've made people go "holy **** SU sucks" when they saw it on the ticker. no more epic blowouts.

i wish marrone had went for the 4th and 12 when they had some momentum and I thought it was a bit odd that he went for it at the end of the half. field position matters most when there isn't much time. spotting USC 25 yards when theres lots of time isn't that big a deal - they're going to get lots of yards. but when the clock's ticking, that's when those 25 yards of field position come in handy

but i'm not upset. marrone is starting to get bolder, I'm not going to complain about when.

also, everyone in the chat room is a bunch of ******* who **** their **** sideways and **** and ***** again
I agree. I feel better with this USC LOSS than I did after our two wins!

If we come out and beat Toledo next week I think we can start thinking about getting to 6 and making a bowl game. I wasn't so sure after Rhode Island if we were "bowling" this year

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