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Attended My First Game

Summer of 04, I laid a lot of that sod down…..I like to tell people I basically built that course with my bare hands.
cool, it’s a spectacular course. Well down
cool, it’s a spectacular course. Well down
Ha, it was just a college summer job but we did a lot of the “grunt work”. Also lots of weed eating and clearing brush out. Got poison Ivy and sun poisoning. Saw a family of foxes(ans we had to get out there at the crack of dawn). and got approached by a baby deer. Oh….also had a Bull that somehow got on the course through a neighboring field and was on the green nearby while I was mowing a tee.

Saw Boeheim playing the course before it was even open.

Memorable summer for sure!
Kingston. He lives on Wolfe Island
ObirgOrange knows all things Canadian!

Canadian Celebration GIF by Pi-Slices
We really should wear name tags or something lol I'm always curious. I think I'm going to make a sure with my avatar on it so I'm easy to spot.

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