Carter-Williams & Waiters are the Best Players on the Court* |

Carter-Williams & Waiters are the Best Players on the Court*

I don't think it was coincidence that we went on our run when Scoop and Brandon rode the pine. Dion and MCW got us out of quicksand.
I can see why recruiting analysis said he closes out games very well. Very high IQ basketball player. Never seems to force anything and plays good defense
hes better than scoop and bt now, just less experienced. smarter, more athletic, great court vision, unselfish and a team player.
I loved the way MCW and Dion played together on offense. They made things happen and got the ball to guys in the right spots. Both could dribble and get to places that were productive whenever they wanted to. On defense they were all over the place.
Brandon and Scoop better have paid attention while on the bench because if Scoop insists on doing the scoopid and Brandon cannot make shots consistently then they will both be getting that view more and more often.
I think Dion and MCW push Scoop and Brandon to be their best this season and I also think that they destroy apposing back courts coming off the bench.
It would have to be apparent to Brandon and Scoop that unless they exhibit some semblance of consistentcy MCW may very well be provided some significant playing time. The kid oozes confidence and ability and seems to be one of those gifted type of players that make the game appear to be played with no effort at all. Providing him considerable time to quickly develop his college game would perhaps pay handsome dividends for later in the season when it really counts. Waiters is showing an intensity which is a welcome sight and he is another one with considerable talent which could blossom this year. It is distrubing to see Brandons dichotomy of play even though it's only and exhibition game. At this juncture in his career he's gotta be able to bring it to bear every night.

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