Casullo!!! He lost the game for us yesterday, I can't |

Casullo!!! He lost the game for us yesterday, I can't

What the hell was going on between Casullo and Raupers in the 3rd quarter???
i dunno what the hell went on with the coaching yesterday.

no caches are immune to poor games from time to time, and Marrone and staff laid the proverbial "egg" in coaching and game management yesterday.

It happens.

With a good coach and staff, it should only happen very rarely.

That said, I still have plenty of faith in this coachiung staff (though I do have some concerns where special teams are concerned.)

This one especially smarts as losing to Capatain Gaptooth (arguably the worst gameday coach in the league) with the lead in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter...

... that blolws.
Special team has been brutal all 3 years under marrone, including when we had Casullo!
believe how bad he coaches yesterday, he needs to be fired

I'm shocked that you waited this long to post this. I thought you'd have done it during the game yesterday.

The fact that we followed a bad with a bad doesn't change the fact that the first bad had to go.
I'd rather have Casullo back after that clusterfluck yesterday
but the bad last year was also a bad guy. That was an even biiger problem then his horrible coaching.

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