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From a foul perspective, maybe. But I have visions of Zinna and Patterson abusing him with interior passing. This is a big test for Rak too. Can he hang with the big boys without fouling? For an entire game?Keita will be key today if even we only get good D and rebounding from him.
I honestly think JB was being cautious with DC in hopes to have him ready for today. I believe we don't play again until next Saturday; I think we'll see Coleman today.
Put Coleman out there and let him lower the boom on Zanna. Zanna is only a 60% free throw shooter. Use the 5 fouls to try to beat the crap out of him and soften him up for Rak and Keita.
this whole coleman deal has been a little nebulous. just seems (to me) like he can play if needed. well today we might just need him down low . i hope he gets in to bang hard for a few minutes. saddle up big guy.
Sheesh, I'd really like to see us get him back. Having the 5 extra fouls to give is big and he was starting to show some progress on some fronts. I've always thought at some point he would become a force for us. If it started to click with him he would be a considerable asset.
SWC post on Thursday. JB's radio show

Gomez asked what would have happened if DaJuan Coleman had had to play. “He’s sore. He hasn’t responded to treatments. He’s got to be able to practice hard with no swelling. He gives us another weapon inside. This provides Tyler Roberson with an opportunity off the bench.”
2nd year in a row that he has lost time to his knees. Scary future for him with bad knees.
2nd year in a row that he has lost time to his knees. Scary future for him with bad knees.
Starting to get to the point where you can no longer count on him going forward.
Unfortunately - he appears to be a non-factor going forward.
He probably could play... but once Boeheim saw he could have just as much success with a 7 man rotation, he is just going to stay with it.

That's always been his preference.

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