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Cowherd is killing Melo

To me the Olympic argument doesn't carry much weight at all. It's basically 10 of the best players in the world, all he has to do is come in and shoot, it's a great role for him. Doesn't mean he's bad; doesn't mean he's good.

I do think Cowherd is off on the FA thing though; I'm sure there are plenty of guys that would want to play with Melo on the Knicks if they had any way to brign them in.
I can't stand the man, but to be fair, Cowherd has hated Melo for years. He has been very consistent with that.
Haha, I agree with most of this. I would put Stephen A. a little higher though. Even though he just screams and rants, he does have some legit connections and people do listen to him.
i actually enjoy a lil Stephen A., Ryan Ruocco has a future.

when the mets had a day game, id be forced to put on espn radio and his show was somewhat tolerable. the man has connections, but sometimes he just doesnt get it.

if you move him to 10 id agree, i figured Kay gets a big boost during Yankee season and Mike & Mike have traction because of the tv show, but they got clobbered in ratings by B & C.
Ok, so, I'm the idiot that listened to him driving into work today to hear what he was going to say...let's get that out of the way...he won today.

NOW...for guy who said he knows the NBA. He said the following today in regards to Melo not having a good supporting cast.

"Who does Damian Lillard have outside of Aldridge helping him"

Uhhhhhh. LOL.

Is he kiddng?
Oh and, yeah, Aldridge, you know the guy who's basically the MVP of the league right now??
The one thing about Cowherd is that he constantly contradicts himself.

Yesterday he said "Melo doesn't attract good players. Good players don't want to play with Melo because he's a ball stopper/ballhog, etc. etc."

Then today he says "Don't tell me he has nobody on his team. That's just an excuse. Who does Damian Lillard have (lol) yada yada yada."

So which one is it? Does he not attract good players, or does it not even matter anyway? Dumbazz.
I like Mike & Mike. It usually works out that they disagree with one another, so usually, I'll agree with one of them. I do wish they'd know more/cover college a bit more. All they really talk about is the BCS championship and the basketball tournament, while babbling on endlessly about a 4-10 team playing a 6-8 team in the NFL. In regards to Cowherd, he's unlistenable. When he took over that time slot (was it Dan Patrick he replaced when Patrick left ESPN?) it didn't take long for me to stop listening. He just says extreme things to get reaction and endlessly repeats himself while creating what he thinks are relevant analogies. I really think he doesn't know how to come up with enough material to fill his whole time slot. If he had a regular partner to contradict him, he may approach being tolerable.
cowherd. does anybody care what he has to say?? does anyone even listen??

heres the order of who matters on NYC radio:

1. da Pope himself Mike Francesa
2. Boomer & Carton
3. Beningo & Roberts
4. Steve (The Schmoozer) Somers (do yourself a favor, if youve never heard 1 of his opening monologues give it a listen, without a doubt...the best)
5. Id say Tony Paige probably goes here
6. about 10000 or so callers to the FAN
7. Mark Malusis
8. another 10000 or so callers to the FAN
9. Fill in hosts at the FAN
10. Michael Kay
11. Mike & Mike
12. Stephen A
13. lupica
14. nobody else
15. cowherd and everybody else

dumping on Melo & the Knicks is the radio equivilant of NFL & WWE Superstars going to the k-4 playground and beating kids up.

it takes no effort, is mindless and is useless.

i feel bad for him.

i hope he got loaded at the company Christmas party and didnt prepare for a show.

So right.

(long live the schmoozer)
Cowherd is really good at some things and really terrible at others. I do agree with his general outlook with regards to melo...but he goes too far to the point that he seems to have an agenda. like melo did something to him personally.

he also is master of the straw man argument. I dont think anyone out there is saying carmelo is as good as lebron is or kobe was. who is saying that? all he does is pound against this argument. only nobody is arguing that point.

he also claims carmelo wont acknowledge that lebron is better. What is he supposed to do? go around on interviews and just talk about how lebron is better than him? no competitive athlete worth half their weight in tampons is going to EVER say some like that.

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