Cuse in Talks to join ACC |

Cuse in Talks to join ACC


  • yes

    Votes: 18 81.8%
  • no

    Votes: 4 18.2%

  • Total voters
already a thread on the fball board about that article.
Psssh... the New York Times? I'll believe it when it gets reported by a more reputable source...
I voted "Yes" - I wish there were more options though.

This poll was a disappointment.
hey, that is my hometown paper...although i am more conservative...the fact that no denials were made just no comments...actually says a lot...Wow...this could be big..

..and this comes on heels that Texas as well as Oklahoma are meeting respectively with their regents to discuss whether the Big 12 is where they should be...and voting could come Monday...

So putting 2 +2 together...I think some changes are about to take place
I love JB's comment. He always says the right thing in a situation like this. (When you don't want to stiff the reporter, but you don't want to say anything).

Thought exactly the same thing when I read it this morning. Can't blow off a fellow SU grad either. ;)
Rutgers seems to think they're going with SU if a deal goes down. No comment, lol :)

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Don't know, but if we're going we should get it done before 8 p.m. tonight. I'm fearing we may be damaged goods after that.

Just what I love in a thread like utterly negative self image blurt.

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