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ESPN2 Problems Anyone


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Dec 1, 2013
I've been having problems getting into ESPN2 to watch games for two days. Today, I'm watching the Stetson vs Austin Peay and ESPN2 keeps cutting out. I know SU plays Wednesday and ESPN2 will broadcast. I have Hulu/Roku. Anyone with issues?
No problem for me. When I had problems with my cable, it is normally hand-shaking problem. Try unplug and plug back HDMI cable first. Then if not fixing your problem, power off then power on your device.
I have Hulu/Roku as well, no issues. Once in a while I have to pull out the Roku and disconnect the power (I have the USB Roku) and then plug everything back together. Then no issues for a while. If I remember to do this once a month I have no issues. If I forget, it may start to lock up on me.
Several things here
1) is it a Roku TV or a Roku
2) is it wired or Wifi
3) do you have the Roku on auto updates or manual

If its a device restart it from settings every so often to flush it. If that doesn't help un plug it.
Same thing can happen with the TV.. Off doesn't really mean off. They more go to sleep. So do a manual restart or unplug it.

If its wifi restarting often resets things

Always check the updates to make sure you are current

Other than the pain it is, sometimes uninstall and reinstall the APP

ESPN caching and device limit code is pretty bad. logging out and back in sometimes helps
ESPN has some code that checks how often you use a device and from where. Once you hit their limits they bog things down or require logging back in.

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