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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to Thank God It's Monday Day!

As a schoolchild once complained: “Mondays are bad enough, but why do they have to be at the start of the week?” It’s no easier for the workers of the world: on average, we struggle to the office for over 2,000 working Mondays, to see the same glum faces.

But if everyone takes the step together, Thank God It’s Monday Day shows us what working life could be like. A charity bake sale, a team lunch or even a stroll around the block – with no talking business! – can raise morale. Many companies help to organise a trip or a learning day: activity, music and the visual arts all stimulate our minds more than we realise.

The day is often celebrated in early January when, for many, the return from holidays makes spirits slump. Even if you’re not really a high-fives-at-the-breakfast-table family, children and parents can play an equal part. And many teachers, secretly as gloomy as anyone else, will need little encouragement to make “back to school” a special, fun day.

SU News

Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper cancer free following chemotherapy (

Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper completed his final round of chemotherapy on Friday and received a clean bill of health, his father told

Culpepper was diagnosed with testicular cancer earlier this year. He underwent 100 total hours of chemotherapy. After receiving the good news, Culpepper rang a bell at the Tampa, Fla. cancer center where he received treatment, a typical celebration for cancer treatments.

Culpepper started Syracuse’s final game last season, completing 24 passes for 280 yards and two touchdowns.

This spring, after being told he would not be able to play in the team’s spring scrimmage, Culpepper did participate in the final drive. That drive ended with a touchdown pass.

Culpepper plans to return to the Syracuse campus for summer workouts. He is expected to be the backup to senior Eric Dungey.

kickspot | information for football specialists

2018 College Specialist Camp Calendar
All published dates have been verified. All listed camps have been confirmed for specialist participation. If only the school name is listed, then the camp session is dedicated to specialists only. Other camps are listed as a general prospect camp and noted as 'specialists welcome.' When available, clicking on the school name will take you to the registration information (price is also listed when known). If you know of a specialist-specific college camp not found on this list, please take time to notify us at If you want to ask questions or comment, then visit our Camps & Showcases discussion board. The newness of some NCAA legislation in Summer 2017 created a lot of uncertainty surrounding dates and possible participation by third-party coaches. Very few third-party coaches will run specialist camps in 2018.
April 29, 2018
University of New England Prospect Camp 1 (specialists welcome, age 15 & older, $45

May 6, 2018
Kutztown University (PA) Prospect Camp 1 (specialists welcome, $50)

May 11, 2018
Guilford College Prospect Camp 1 (specialists welcome, on-site registration at 4:30 p.m)
July 28, 2018
Syracuse University ($50)
Washington State University (price/registration not yet posted)
University of Arkansas Monticello 1-Day Skills Camp, Session 2 (2019/2020 specialists welcome, $45)
University of Connecticut Prospect Camp 5 (specialists welcome, $55)

Pace University Prospect Camp 3 (specialists welcome, $75)

This is an animated time loop film of the Cloud Camera at Syracuse University for 2018-06-02.

ACC Football Rx: Big XII 2017-18 Estimated Payouts (; HM)

The Big 12 gave out their per school revenue numbers today. They are claiming an average of $36.5 million per school for their T1 & T2 contracts...

Well, that's not entirely accurate, is it?

SportsDay says
"The total figure is $364.875 million or nearly $36.5 on the average to the 10 member schools,"
but that completely ignores the conference cut (which the Big XII almost always ignores in these press releases). Further down in the article it states
"the Big 12 distributed an average of $34.8 million per school"
...or about $1.7 million LESS. Also, this is NOT from media only, but TOTAL conference payout.

The article also indicates that this is NOT apples to apples, because this new Big XII number must be for the 2017-18 fiscal year (which isn't even done yet for most conferences). Why do I conclude that? Because it also states
"The increase came despite the Big 12 not having Sugar Bowl revenue because of the College Football Playoff rotation..."
that was true THIS year, not the previous one.

source: Here's how much money each Big 12 school will receive after conference brings in record $364 million
...; HM)

SI asked: Who Will Be the 10th Program to Make the College Football Playoff?
In four years of the College Football Playoff, nine different programs (Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, Florida State, Michigan State, Clemson, Oklahoma, Washington, Georgia) have made major college football’s final four. Which could be the next program to join the club?
I want to do this a little differently... by conference. Which team will be the next representative from each P5 conference?

already: FSU, Clemson
candidates: Miami, Virginia Tech
dark horse: Georgia Tech, Pitt, Louisville
my pick: Miami

already: Ohio State, Michigan State
candidates: Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin
dark horse: Nebraska
my pick: Penn State

already: Alabama, Georgia
candidates: Auburn, LSU
dark horse: Florida, Texas A&M
my pick: Auburn

already: Oklahoma
candidates: Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State
dark horse: West Virginia
my pick: TCU

already: Oregon, Washington
candidates: USC, UCLA, Stanford
dark horse: Utah
my pick: USC


See 40 Syracuse properties that save $5.3 million a year from generous tax break (PS; Knauss)

Property owners can get a 12-year tax exemption if they convert a commercial building to a mix of residential and commercial uses. With the 485-a exemption, owners pay no taxes for eight years on the improvements they make. After that, the exemption phases out 20 percent per year. It's one of the most generous tax exemptions available to developers.

Theory Syracuse: estimated 12-year savings $9.2 million
Large mixed-use building with apartments for 600 college students, ground-floor commercial space (still under construction). Replaces three buildings that were demolished.
Address: 919 E. Genesee St. at Crouse Ave.
Owner: Peak Campus, of Georgia (dba BVSHSSF Syracuse LLC)
Total assessed value: $24.8 million
Tax-exempt amount: $23.5 million


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Aug 26, 2011
We probably aren't going to use that cloud camera as a part of our recruiting pitch.

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