Freeney with the Strip Sack |

Freeney with the Strip Sack

I love it too, but big Ben is on my fantasy team and it is killing me. picks and fumbles lost worth -3 each.
Now that McNabb is in the twilight of his career, Dwight is the highest profile player from SU in the NFL. He was SUs version of LT. Unfortunately I have Pitt this week in my football "survivor pool" and he could singlehandedly cost me a chance at some serious coin!
Freeney was unbelievable tonight and it's a shame the offense was such a joke.
Freeney isn't good enough against the run to be considered for the greatest DE ever, but when it comes to pure pass rush ability, I think it's crazy that he's pretty much on pace to wrap up a Derrick Thomas career by the end of next year, and way ahead of the pace of another HOF, John Randle. With 3 sacks in two games to kick off the year, I surely hope he can stay healthy and have that 15+ sack season that would re-establish him media-wise, while also giving him a realistic shot at the number-3 all-time sack spot.

On an additional note, the most underrated DE of all-time IMO opinion, Chris Doleman. Total monster that gets forgotten about.

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