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2nd String
Aug 26, 2011
Just got home from the game and have a few notes, going to start with the bad:
· Nassib had his worst game of the season, possibly his career. From time to time he did have pressure, but for the most part, he had time to make throws. He was off today.
· Wide receiver had the drops today. Chew was nowhere to be found. Nassib's second int. was in and out of Chews hands. The ball was batted up for the int.
· O left many points on the field. They had nothing going.
· Refs/Little Red commercial guy really made the game a horrible experience. There were way to many stops for silly no explained reasons by the officials. Commercial time was way to long and way to often; it really killed the momentum of the game. Although we had a good attendance day, it was hard for the fans to get into the game due to to many non-play stops by TV/officials.
· I think our O is a lot better when they go to the no huddle or hurry up offense. This did not happen today. I put this on the coaches.
· Only two shots down field. The first was over thrown to Chew the second was a completion to Graham. I am unsure why this is, could be no big time threat, play calling, qb, etc... I think the answer lies with a combination of all mentioned if not more.
· We need a thunder back. Ant has done a good job, yet we are missing that big back that can pound it. Ant is not the answer here. I am unsure why we have not given AM or JS a few more carries. I am going to leave this to the coaches. I am sure they have a better idea of their players abilities then I do.
· In the first OT, I thought we should have gone for the 4th and inches. I do understand why DM went for the field goal.
· Some special teams were horrible tonight. The blocked field goals was a combination of poor snaps and bad bad bad blocking.
· Wilkes hitting the punter was a bone head play.
· Refs were very poor. From what it looked like at the game two of the challenges should have been overturned. The fumble looked like ant was down and we also came out of the pile with the ball. How that was awarded to Rutgers, I do not know.
· Secondary dropped maybe 5 to 7 ints. Two were pick sixes by PT.
· There was more poor tackling although it was not as bad as it has been.
· Ant needs to secure the ball better. Two fumbles.
· Rutgers is going to be at the bottom of the BE. We gave them the game.
· The D looked awesome. To many times they were defending a short field because the poor offense, and they came to play.
· Secondary looked great. Although they had drops, they were in position to make the play. Totally shut down Sanu.
· Lyn is a stud.
· D Davis was a monster today. Many of the young players look like they will be studs. Crume, Lynch, Lynn, Wilkes, Broms, Spruill,
· Got great pressure in the back field.
· Great game plan by Schafer.
· Our D is going to be nasty in the upcoming future.
· Today the D carried the O.
· Punting team was great. Sanu had no big plays.
· The D line is solid. We have a great rotation.
· I see us having a great defense next year. They were good today, and I believe they will make great strides throughout the year.
· Provo continues to impress. He was solid today and is the second in our history for receptions. Ron Thompson come on down.
· O line did a good job. Macky is doing fine.
· Fans were load and into the game in the second half. The game was very tough to get into because of the stops.
· I think when we finally mesh in all three aspects of the game, we will be a solid team.
· UConn and Louisville look bad.
· I think we can have another wining season this year.

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