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Heart, massive heart

It might not be a resume builder, but it would definitely have been a resume buster if we had lost. Given how we played most of the night, we might not even be in consideration in March. But if we are, at least we don't have Colgate as a bad loss.
This I agree with. I really don’t want to depend on Bell to have his best game ever to eek out victories against lesser teams.
I saw a team crumble and the other make less mistakes to squeak out a victory against a team in a vastly inferior league.
I tend to agree but the emphasis was not on a team crumbling rather the other closed the door on the messed up first half and played a high pressure press in the second half. I do not see this as fluke, rather this team grew up a bit tonight and proved to themselves they can play at a higher level.
I like Red, I defend Red, but these guys aren’t that good.
It’s the third game of ever playing man. They will get it and as I said earlier they are a good tea.
This I agree with. I really don’t want to depend on Bell to have his best game ever to eek out victories against lesser teams.
There's where you're wrong. They've been a better program then us for a few years now. They've got guys that play good basketball and put it in the basket, when they have the chance.

Meanwhile, read the room! Start your own thread, chime in on SWC's Downside. Wait a day or two to talk about flaws. Just resist the temptation to rain on a justified parade for a half of basketball that wasn't too shabby. No one is saying this guarantees a 20-win season.
There is certainly a discussion to be had about Judah's defensive effort and shot/pass decisions when he penetrates but I'm too scared to be the one to start the thread dedicated to it
Too late.
I don't understand the it's just Colgate response?! We spotted an experienced and well coached tourney team that beat us 2 years in a row 24 points, and we won! I see progress!
More than anything, it was Mintz. It looked like he had absolutely checked out/given up with that flagrant grab foul at the end of the 1st half. But the heart and will he showed in the 2nd half, starting with that steal and dunk. Damn. I'm a believer.
I'm not celebrating this win, per se, but what they showed in the 2nd half tonight - specifically what Judah showed - I'm going to bed feeling hopeful.
I know it feels strange to say because it's Colgate. But considering they beat us two in a row, and were up FIFTY FOUR to THIRTY in the 2nd half, that's just a huge huge win.
The footwork and hands of their bigs were impressive. The little guard was no joke. That sir was a good team.

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