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How long have you been an SU football fan?

Early 80s for me. I was born and raised in Syracuse. My Dad would take turns taking us kids to SU football and basketball games with him. I clearly remember begging my Dad to take me with him to the 84 Nebraska game but it was my sister's turn to go and she could care less about football. I still give her grief over that. My Dad absolutely refused to pay for parking so we would park on the road somewhere at the bottom of the hill. I remember being half frozen by the time we got to the Dome for some of those basketball games.
1959 Holy Cross game with my Dad, rainy day, old Archibald stadium, sitting on the concrete seats, I Loved it.
Oh those concrete seats. When it rained, the water would run down them row to row. It was great when I could move my season tickets up to the "Steels"
Fall 2006 was my first semester.

First ever CFB game was the Iowa game.

Hooked ever since.
I decided to summarize the information in this thread. Some of the responses are vague so I’m only going to list the poster under the decade in which he became a fan – and that involved some surmising in some cases. Those that I couldn’t surmise are listed at the bottom. If anyone has an issue with where they are placed or Any additions, I’ll change it as long as I can still edit it. I’ll combine the lists for football and basketball. I’ve also included HakAttacks’ thread from 2012.
How long have you been an SU football fan?
When did you become an SU basketball fan.

This will give you and anyone else an idea of what ‘generation’ of Syracuse fans you are part of and who has shared the same experiences you have. Make sure to be respectful of your elders. They’ve seen more than you have. Of course, you’ll wind up seeing more than they will, as well. And then you’ll be an elder.

Prior to the 1950’s (maybe) Accurater, All4SU, hplare, Orangedontrhy

1950’s albanyorange, Alibrat, blaggerbob, CaliCuse, CiscoCuse, CNY in Miami, Crusty, CTO, Cuseter, dessu, Dick in MI, jonibob, Ilandz, Longtimesu, mvorange, NorSyr66, Orangezen, ottodaorange, RCDICK44, Roger N, SoBristol, TayINVa, victor

1960’s billorange44, capeorange, Cheriehoop, Cusejuicy, CusePItt, 50YRsofCuse, gocraz4dasu, IthacaMatt, kcsu, new mexicuse, orange44, OrangeHeel, orangemancc1, OrangePA, orangetom, Ozone, PASyrFan, r inj, rrlbees, ’72 Orange, OrangeTIM, OrOrange45, SarasotaPaul, SmilinBob, storange, stuckinbig11, SUbear, suhoops4life, SWC75, tipphill, Willy75

1970’s AlaskaSU, Aweart23, br801, CapitalO, cliftonparksufan, ClkWrkOrange, cocuse75, corpjets, Cusecactus, CuseFan, CuseGrad94, Cuse1992, dasher, Dcuse, Dinkyspond, Doctor Bombay, DonutHole, DoubleDee, 81South, florange44, Forza Azzurri, HastingsCuse, hoopupstate, HtownOrange, hungrychuck, im4cuse, Iskul60, Jake, JarheadJim, JoeSU, JustPherU, Killdozer, kingtidge, LAOrange, LarryC44, Madbiker, Mantonio, MGP, Marion202, NCo’range, Oakland, OCESIP, 019Jules, Orange&Blue4 4, orlandoorange, OrangeAl, orangecuse, OrangeMon, Orange79, OrangeXtreme, ORRange, PhantOrange, pfister, rstone7727, rvandersy, SDjohn, SgtCuse, Shenexon, shermstheman, storange, SUGIANT, sususpicious, sutomcat, tbonezone, tptcuse, VaBeachOrFan

1980’s Acesn8s, albanycuse, Altcuse44, andyw715, anomander, Antiprodigy, benjams77, BludOrange, Buddah69, Buffcuse, BuffOrange, chlywtr, Coach Orange, CorduroyG, CuseAlum87, cuseattle, Cusefan78, Cusefan95, Cusegrad94, cuseinseattle, Cuse99&01, Cuse 1985, Cuse1055, Dave85, Deleted member 7047, Delmar, djorange1989, Doc05, DonLightfoot, donniesyracuse, Faegan, Fat tire 13, FireballPhil, Fly Rodder, Franz69, GaydenFan47, General20, Giants1973, gtwoodley, Henny & Coke, HOFCeluck, illi3, jcuse, JkinPhilly, jncuse, JOC44, jvbj01, kirbivore, Laxfanshutt, Mackey44, MalPearl31, mark79, Marsh01, Meatball56, Melancer46, mgurtz79, MikeSU02, MSOrange, No Hoyas, OburgOrange, orange_in_Va, OrangePace, Orange87, OrangeinDC, Oswego93, OttoMets, Owens Guy, pattycuse, pearl31, PoppyHart, realorange, rhcuse, SaltLakeOrange, SanDiegoCuse, Scrabbcuse, Sherman20, SkyTopBus44, SoBeCuse,ssbriefcase, Stevenson, SUfanAZ, sufandu, SUfanNC, SUfran, suloyalfan, supp, swish7, the mole, 310Pigpen, Tee1222, Timonen, TinyManInside, Todd23, two3zone, UnderHisOwnPower, weedsportwarriors, wfschrec, Zelda Zonk

1990’s A Clockwork Orange, Apdaly, AZOange, BigNastyJon, Brookl03, Chip, cspades99, CusefanAtL, CuseFaninVT, Cusefan0307, CuseTG2003, elimunelson, Elite357, Eric 15, 4wvaOrange, FreakTalksAboutSU, FortyFourCT, Gotothehole, Grbac, Hoov50, JackBauer44, jdubs30, JaramyL, jr4750, klemmer56, Laorange44, Lincolncuse, Mchandl8, mhoff44, Nick44, NineOneSeven, NJcuse, NKR1978, Orangefair44, Orangefan13, orange_in_Va, Orangezoo, OttoinGrotto, Randygocuse, Rocco, rosconey, runnignorange, statsgrad, Scotch, Southerncuse, StCuse, TheCusian, zendez33, Zippy1818

2000’s boulderorange, Brooklyn03, buckets30, Cuse House, CuseTroop, DMDMD, jimsonjunction, HakAttack, Halo, imdevo, jekelish, Lawrinson14, Lenox, mike32768, nailtheCusefan12, NJneer12, OptimusOtto, orangetrojan, Orange2389, STL_CuseFan, SyracuseTD, walsh2012, Yeti

2010’s Biaxtar

2020’s David332

Unsure: CUSEBB1, cusefan88, CuseLegacy, Cuseregular, cuse62, EastCoast2, jdubs30, Jordoo, Nick44, Norman Dale, NovaOrange, Orangefan13, Pearl309, RF2044, Scooch, Smilin’Bob, Todd Gack, Townie, Upperdeck, UpstateSM, VaOrange

The distribution is interesting. The opening of the Dome created a lot of new fans. A fair amount came on board in the 70’s due to that Cinderella run to the first Final Four and the success of the Louie and Bouie Show. A lot of them arrived in the 1990’s. But we don’t seem to have a lot of young posters who became SU fans in the this century. The general downhill trend in the major sports and the loss of the newness of the Dome and the national recognition we got in its first two decades has made fewer and fewer new fans. SU sports just isn’t the thing to do anymore to the current generation.
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Was a diehard and bled Orange since birth. I was born the year The Dome was built.
Attended game in Archbold in 1963. Do not remember the opponent but SU did win.

TV/Radio: True fandom started on September 26, 1964. My sister was getting married. We were all gathered at the Hotel Syracuse. My job was to go into the bar and report back what the score was. SU was playing Kansas and the Heisman favorite: Gayle Sayers, the Kansas Comet. What I remember is reporting back that Floyd Little just scored; Floyd Little scored again; he scored again; and again. Little scored 5 touchdowns. SU won 38-6.

The rest is history.

My first game in person. Five years old with my dad. We lived on Kellogg St. and I remember walking through the construction site that would become Route 81 going to the game. Saw them 3 times that year - Kansas, UCLA and Pitt.

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