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I will think of this as a great year for Syracuse basketball.


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Nov 12, 2013
I don't know what's down the road. Hell, we might not win another game. All the same, there has been a lot of magic about this season. 25-0. The Duke game at home, and the second game, too. Ennis at Pittsburgh. This has been a great ride. No fan base has had the show to watch that we have been fortunate enough to see this year.

Not that I am giving up on the tournament. If we can get healthy, maybe we can get the magic back and make a great run. This team is capable of winning it all.
Before I opened this, I thought it was going to be a poll that started with "if:".

But you're right, it already has been a magical season that's just been stuck on a sour note for awhile. I hope that note is not where it ends and agree this team can go as far as any out there, if they get healthy and get their magic back. I'm just a bit concerned how likely that is to happen. Even if just the latter happens, I will respect these kids for their intestinal fortitude.
Let's be real, we are in a slump, we've seen them before. SU has bounced back from some slumps and not from others. BC, Duke, and tonight were tough, close losses, we have had many close wins. As usual SU has a well coached and entertaining team. Is this team an offensive juggernaut, no way. Personally, I do not think we will lose all the rest of our games. I also believe that every minute Roberson plays will help him.

I think of a seldom used Kris Joseph coming off the bench and helping to key a win in certain 6 OT thriller. No one thought that team would give us much to cheer about at the end of the year. Everybody relax, let's hope Grant gets healthy, the team gets some rest, we regain a little of our shooting touch and that SU has another good run or two left.

On a personal note I hope every one who sees CJ and Baye thank them for a wonderful four years of effort, success and entertainment. The second season starts soon enough and we all can be happy we have a great program to root for and that it has a great steward overseeing it.

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