If you could add 1 ACC player to the roster, who would it be? | Syracusefan.com

If you could add 1 ACC player to the roster, who would it be?


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Mar 31, 2022
Mine would be Kyle Flip but could also be PJ Hall. Both score around 20 ppg, score effectively inside and out, and get rebounds. Most importantly, you could play either of them at Center next to Maliq at PF given their shooting. A do-it-all high percentage shooting forward would be the next look, but so far I don’t see a totally dominant forward in the league, and also I think a really good offensive center would correct our problem at 2 positions, not just 1, and would improve the half-court offense and rebounding issues, which are two of our biggest problems. We would still be one player away though.

Interesting question to me because I don’t see a clear top dog in the conference this year. Also a lot of good guards in the ACC, but although we’re flawed at guard that’s the last position I would correct. I’ve watched a fair amount of non-Cuse games this year, but there’s some teams I haven’t watched too much, so let me know if I’m missing a better answer.
DJ Burns, or Ian Schiefflelin. I don’t see an immediate need for a true center if we aren’t playing zone.

Tough big guys who can move, defend, pass and play with high IQ. Good glue guys who make others around them better.
Bacot, solves biggest flaw -rebounding, low post scorer may open up better outside looks too which might improve jump shooting. 40 year old veteran who could exchange war stories with Boeheim about the good old days.
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I mean it's got to be either Flip or Bacot.
The reason my first choice was Flip, my second choice was Hall, and I didn't mention Bacot is because Bacot doesn't pair as well with Maliq. With Flip or Hall, it's a no-brainer that JT goes to the bench and Maliq slides over to the 4. Might happen with Bacot, but then you have two bigs who prefer to play close to the basket on a team full of slashers who don't shoot that well, thus creating a spacing problem.
My immediate thought was the dookie. But the tar heel makes more sense imo. Too much Donte Greene in KF.
How would Melo make this team look. he would actually post up. the dribble drives would have someone to pass to. He can rebound.

I mean every like 20 yrs we get one like DC or Melo so we are due
With the three-point shooting woes it would probably be Flip or Hall. Though honorable mention goes to Efton Reid at Wake
Keep the Bacot jokes coming, they are hilarious!

Agree 100% on a true center - you have to go with Filopowski. Next up would be 3p shooting

Thinking some more, I wonder if the staff thought they had a real shot at Dickinson. Always seemed like a pipe dream to me, but would explain some things...
I’ll tall you one thing, the Naithan George kid from GT is fearless. He was spectacular at the end of the Clemson game. You think you have him guarded and he will rise up and shoot it in your face. They have two terrific freshman. They are fun to watch and will surprise several teams in the second half of the season. He was on ACC PM yesterday and he was a scream. Funny kid that was basically offered by no one coming out of high school.
I would add he dead body of armado bacot and stick him way down at the end of the bench

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