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Is there anyone left... ?

Is 6-6 acceptable? That depends. If a team is functioning with some level of execution? That can be enjoyable to watch, knowing you have a chance, and future improvement. Uncompetitive in 6 loses is much harder to take.

Last 8 years, 2 500 seasons or better. Its important to note last years 500 ACC record.

Addazio meathead football was often mocked around here. A pro scheme. He passed less cuz they weren't so good at it. I like Oline play, so I'm in the minority, here. 7 years at BC, 6 years 500 or better. 5 years, 500 or better in the ACC. (Sent a couple 1st round oline to the NFL)

Its not exciting. Its not what people want. It works with lesser skill players. I like Duke, because their run scheme is similar. And they'll pass it 30 times a game.

There is no easy answer. I will always prefer more foundational football. Folks want more exciting...
I’m with you. If Addazio wasn’t such a psycho, he’d be exactly what we need here.
No one would say extension.

But after the dust settles a bit, I'm sure there will be people that think we need to let the season play out and that 8-4 is still possible.

I'm no longer one of those people. The teams remaining might not be as strong, but we're a hot mess. 180 degree different team than what beat Purdue.
I know we looked better at Purdue but we also had 5 forced turnovers. Not sure if we win that game without the turnovers.
8 years in. 1-6 in the ACC. Absolutely embarrassing blowout non-competitive losses (CU, UNC, FSU, VT). Consistently high rate of penalties. Trying to finish the season with no QBs. There is no reason to think that retaining Dino will somehow get the program better.

Sure, he's a nice guy. But everyone in our league has hired a HC who can beat Dino's teams like a drum.

If Dino has one year left on his contract (I guess we don't really know), he must be either extended or terminated now. You cannot have a lame duck coach, like we did w/ GRob. That kills a year of recruiting.

For those intrepid about having to jump-start the program all over with a new HC, to me, 2023 already feels like we went through a re-boot: half the staff left after last season... and weren't available for the bowl game... and then recruiting has been awful since - a patch-work of JUCO left overs who did not see the field (other than Reed).

One last point, since someone on this staff would have to act as interim HC vs Wake and/or the bowl game, it would be sort of cool if Rocky Long was added to the list of Syracuse football head coaches in history, even if just as interim.
Two years in a row we’ve hit a stretch where we lose 6 of 7 games. Why is that acceptable?

When did "acceptable" have anything to do with it?

The more appropriate term is "acceptance".
UNC has talent but they aren't a good team (4-3 in ACC). VA Tech was down at home 35-14 yesterday to NC State, yet we can't make it to halftime? BC is a bad team. Can't lose to them at home. It is crazy that this gets glossed over. Only at SU.

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