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Louisville & West Virginia To The Big 12?

I like it as a destination. But only if a massive exit fee is put in place for B12-Okie and Ut could be gone next year.
If I were Cincy, LVille, or WVU I'd be saying the BE and I'd be contacting the Big 12.

Yup. Tell A&M "see ya," and get the Big 12 back to 12 and put their conference championship back on the calendar (if they want one).
What does the Big 12 gain from it? Enough teams to hold a Conf Championship that would amount to a Texas - OU rematch most years? Would it bring enough TV revenue to distribute more $ to each school? (we know Texas and OU won't be taking pay cuts, that's for sure).

People think of expansion as pieces to puzzles more than they think of what would actually benefit everyone in the league. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Big 12 become the Big 9. Unless they think Mizzou is already gone.
Wow - if that happens BE can kiss their asses goodbye, well at least they would still have Rutgirls:)



"Dodds blamed the near-breakup of the Big 12 on university governing boards -- not Texas', he said -- that wrested control of conference decisions from athletic directors.
"People on boards get involved and when they get involved collegiality sometimes stops," Dodds said. "We've got to empower people on the athletics side to put this together and keep it together."

Now that explains everything.
I'd really like to see WVU land in a good conference. They're a great program. And I want to continue playing them for the Ben S trophy. Great tradition. They are the football team I'll miss playing in the Big East.
Won't happen. They all reupped by committing to the Big East last night. (Where's the damn sarcasm button?)

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