Manufacturing Wins - very positive for where program is |

Manufacturing Wins - very positive for where program is


Otto Rocks

Very impressed the desire and "no quit" mentality is strong. These guys are banged up, very young and inexperienced in key positions, and yet the are fighting through it.

Love fisher. He is knocking some long balls out there. Held back mentioning raupers the first few games. Thought he did ok, but certainly got some lucky bounces on several occasions. All punters need/get those, but it seemed he wasn't getting the yardage we need to back them up.

Extra point? Well - we got a call on that one. What else is there to say? Nothing. We take the win, continue to build on it and keep moving forward.

What we are not seeing is enough big hits on that QB. The pressure comes and goes. We need some hits. Plenty more than what we have gotten the first few games. those will come with experience. Hoping Chandler can get back in there and help out.

Big interception in ot. We need more of those takeaways and big plays. Again, will come with time and experience.

They are winning the games they need to win and we are heading into league play at 3-1.

It's positive and they are growing.

I was most pleased reading conley's statement a few weeks ago. Something about this team has " not " arrived yet! They have a long way to and this is still being built.
I think it's safe to say there won't be any overconfidence going into the next game. This will serve them well. It's a positive, as you said.

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