More information on individual game tickets |

More information on individual game tickets

Just got my seats to Marquette, UConn and Louisville. Get to see the team that knocked us out of the Tournament, our biggest rival IMHO and defending national champs and the last game of the year. Nice that they are all spaced out a month at a time so I can see the team develop through the season. UConn selling the fastest as expected. Much better schedule than in recent years with some good games on Saturdays and no Noon starts. Still do not understand why Gtown is always on Wednesday nights though - must be rivalry week on ESPN.

I also considered Pitt, Gtown, Wva and Florida. I'm limited as many are in these difficult economic times as to the number of games I can attend both in time and money. Wva does not excite me enough to spend the money (I'll be plenty excited in front of the TV that day though!) and Pitt and Gtown games are tough to make coming from out of town. I already have a commitment on the day of the Florida game - that is a pretty exciting Friday game - wish I could be there.

Gotta say the prices are ridiculous for individual games once you get past the entry level. The next step up requires you to spend $37.75 more just to get a better seat in the 3rd level - I can't imagine there are many people willing to do that. To get a good seat in the lower level requires you to spend nearly $60 more. Several years ago before Gross changed things, you could get a good seat in the lower level behind the baskets for maybe $15 more or so - those days are long behind us sadly.

Looking forward to the season - hope my father can grab some tickets to midnight madness for me. Let's Go Orange!!!

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