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Aug 15, 2011
Thought the key to the game was when Frank left with 4 fouls and Jalen came in. We were really struggling to score and Jalen made 2 terrific passes to get us going.

Thought this was an exceptionally poorly officiated game. Most of the blown calls favored Ohio State. Many were indefensible. Glad they were not able to gift the game to the home team.

Frank is a really good player but still isn’t 100% yet. Still mostly standing around on the perimeter.

The added depth allowed us to continue to stay in the game despite awful foul trouble. We definitely lose this game with the roster from last year.

Chukwu had a bad game, was playing hurt, but still hustled his butt off late to try and get a block. That is why I love him.

Wesson was in terror of getting his shot blocked. Could not make a contested shot.

You could see some of that awful Brad Stevens defensive style with the Buckeyes that damaged college basketball so badly. Lots of cheap, chippy stuff. Lots of clutching and grabbing. I hate it so much.

Good win. Hope to never see that crew again.
I think that is a great observation about Jalen's two passes. Those two passes and the way he moved the ball down the court got us into our offensive rhythm. He's a keeper for sure.
Getting Jalen early, meaningful minutes due to Frank's injury looks like a blessing in disguise now.
Jalen Carey +/- was 18
Frank Howard +/- was -8

Even after the 2 ft's made that were caused by Franks 5th foul, the last 4.5 minutes was net 0 so no crazy run (or any difference at all) at the FT line to change the +/-.

Jalen was actually +18 in his first 10-11 minutes of game time.

Not an insult to Frank because we lose that game without him and Tyus playing too much 1. But just showing how impactful Jalen was with 0 points in his 1st 10-11 minutes yet team winning by 18.
my take:

frank's style of PG play needs to change - he' still stuck in last year's mode when there wasn't any offense - now that there's options on the court AND the bench - he needs to STOP this pass the ball around dribble out the shot clock and rush a shot last 5-8 seconds of the clock game that was necessary with a 7 player roster.

I still don't think he gets it that slowing down the tempo is not helping THIS YEAR's team.

Does he not get that last year's offense was a special emergency not THE WAY???

This year's squad needs to get the ball INSIDE THE 3 point line ASAP and THEN look to pass from there to open up the court (either through drives or passes) - a lot of the offense came from passes in the lane or elsewhere in 2 point range...dribbling or passing passively on the perimeter for 15 -20 seconds is the moment, it is also Frank's MO. hopefully he gets this figured out cuz he is a good player and the team needs him to play his best.

it hurt to see JB pull Carey after he basically single-handedly came in and caused an 11-0 run by simply playing faster and pushing tempo - the separation that got the win in the end. JB pulling Carey for taking a shot made me cringe. I hope JB doesnt coach this aggressiveness out of Carey cuz that is EXACTLY what the team needs to become ELITE and not just okay. It was awesome to see Carey come in and hit all free throws after the pull - shows how tough and resilient he is - really impressive performance from him. If he can expand on the drive and dish plays - he will be LETHAL for this squad.

I am not a fan of the super scared panic slow down game at 7-8 minutes to go...but i get it. the team had STRUGGLED this season so this game probably felt super important but the paranoia style tactics at the end of the game seemed a bit much - i guess the 35-15 foul disadvantage also compounded matters too - that was insanely biased - lamont simpson just might be on OSU's payroll...

my best lineup:

howard-battle- hughes- brissett-marek

if the other team can score a lot inside then bring in chukwu/sidibe but only off the bench.

lastly, Battle is a great player - epitome of everything great about college bball. his attitude, competitiveness, sportsmanship etc all that - it's great. he's so easy to cheer for. BUT can someone teach him how to make an entry-pass to the post??? he really needs to work on his court vision and passing- not his shot. his shot is great. especially the mid-range in the paint...he's lethal there.

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