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Aug 16, 2011
My reactions from all this:

1. I'm basically happy about this. As a pessimist by nature, my biggest concern has been being left out of the super conference group. Now, that will not happen, so I'm very happy about.

2. I'll miss the BE. It was good for us, very good for us. We built great rivalries, and had countless great moments. I'll miss playing Nova, Gtown, and SJU regularly. The BE was our tradition, and now it's gone. I'll miss it.

3. I'm glad Pitt is going with us. Not because it's Pitt specifically, but because it's another NE BE school.

4. For those worried that we'll become BC, I say don't. We're better than BC, and we always will be. Plus, the ACC we're joining is not the same one they joined. BC was really on an island, they are further from the rest of the conference than us, plus, the addition of Pitt brings the conference even further north.

We'll probably end up in a division like this:

That division is very regionally appropriate for us. Plus, we'll get home and homes with all of them. We'll have crossover games that will line us up against UNC and Duke as well.

5. We'll finally have a true round robin schedule again. Sure it will only be in our division, but that is still the vast majority of our conference schedule. I've hated the BE scheduling for years, and this erases it with one fell swoop.

6. Bottom line is that the BE tradition that we all know, and that some of us our bitter that we're leaving behind, simply does not exist any more. Look, games at Marquette we're great, but there was no tradition there. We were lucky if got home and homes against Gtown or UConn in any given season.

What we had with the BE was great, but it died the day that football started driving the bus. I still remember the days when WVU, Rutgers, and ND were admitted to the conference, it didn't feel right then, and it really never did.

Since the tradition is gone, we have to look out for ourselves, because nobody else will.

I'm happy that I can forever rest easy, and not worry about SU being left behind in college sports. The future of the program has been assured today. As a fan of the program, that is all we can ever ask for, and honestly, all I ever wanted.

I'll miss the BE, but I'll be happy to be in the ACC.

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