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Nit is a very good and tough tournament.

The answer to the question wasn't that funny and seemed really obvious. However, thinking it's at all possible on the other hand...
You could argue that with the explosion of talent in basketball in recent decades that the NIT actually has more talent in it now than when it seemed to relevant to most of us.

It will be won by a team that wanted to win it.
You could argue a lot of dumb things
Didn’t I read somewhere that Red has the most wins of any first year P5 coach this year?

Expectations by fans seem to be wildly disproportionate for a 1st year coach.
It’s as if some here believe that every single one of us does not want to be back as a top 25 perennial ncaa tournament team…

But turnarounds of programs generally don’t happen overnight and all things considered, with the ups and downs and roster deficits of this year, Red has made progress and is still pushing our program forward.
So with that being said imo I think we should be able to count NIT as a small victory and be able to root for our team as diehard fans….or are some of you only fans when the times are great? Or are we a fan base that stays down through thick and thin?

If by year 2 no progress was made from year 1, then I think it’s a bit more fair to question where we are.
For now I think the best we can do is to keep on supporting and show our current players why that should want to be Orange.

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