Class of 2019 OLB Mikel Jones (FL) SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE 12/19/18


All American
Aug 15, 2011
See it would affect me if my future coach didn’t promise to be there. As much as people say committ to the team and school not coach I kinda think that’s crazy. A good coach can get his kids to do things for him a coach that isn’t loved can’t. So that’s my theory. Take it for what’s its worth which ain’t much.
Again, you keep missing the point, maybe intentionally at this point.

Almost every coach/recruit in the U.S. has this question. Every coach is going to promise to be there and some leave a week later, some don't. This has (had) nothing to do with SU or Babers, every coach has the potential to leave or be poached.
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