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OT - SJU Win We Can Like


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Aug 26, 2011
The win we can like is from this past weekend when Mr. Boots and the St. John's baseball team went down to Gainesville and knocked off the #2 Gators!! Many old schoolers on the board knew my son Jed as a toddler wearing his yellow boots rain or shine to the SU hoops open practices and spring football games. I updated before Jed is 6'5 228 lbs and throws low to mid-90s now with a sick slider and split finger changeup, and that after pitching at Le Moyne getting his undergraduate degree he then transferred to play at St. John's for grad school as he had 2 years left from a medical redshirt and covid years.

Anyway, SJU opened last weekend at the Gator's $55+ million baseball facilities and the atmosphere was out of this world amazing. They had their largest home opening crowd ever and top 5 all-time crowd. Again -- amazing. SJU got up 7-0 after 3. After 6 it was 7-5 and the mid reliever went in. The SJU coaches immediately got Mr. Boots throwing in the bullpen to follow the pitcher that just came in once needed.

I almost threw up. My son is warming up in a 7-5 game VS the #2 team in the country. He lives for these moments and I die a little every time he goes in to close a regular game.

As it turns out the guy Jed was going to replace crushed it, so much so he was named this week's Big East Pitcher of the Week. So Mr. Boots warmed up for the 8th, 9th and 9th but will be making his SJU debut VS the University of Houston this weekend because the rest of the series was called due to rain (although calling Satirday was a joke - SJU practiced on the field as Florida cancelled it - conspiracy theorists may question the motives as Florida went through 6 pitchers on Friday and could used a day of rest so they wouldn't be shorthanded Sunday) and HELL YES I will be there in Houston too.

I have experienced a lot in sports in my close to 6 decades of life but the feeling I had with my son warming up against the #2 team in the country was unlike any sports feeling I have ever had. Sports crushes us but also when you actually get one of those moments it is tremendous.

Here is a photo, he is 43, they gave him 0 to use in the fall.


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