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Class of 2024 PG Mikey Lewis (CO) Offered

I wish Cuse didn’t stop recruiting this kid. He’s a certified bucket getter and would fill up the stat sheet. If we decide to get back in the race, he’ll visit. But as of right now and as said above we haven’t been recruiting him for a bit now. From my understanding is the coaches would rather take a guard from the Portal than recruit another high school kid. Autry is a BIG believer in the portal as you can tell from this past offseason. So fully expect that to be used a lot more with Autry.

From my understanding he wants his A-list recruits which we got in Freeman and Moore. And if a b-list recruit Autry has to really love huim or he’d rather go the portal route. Autry wants less projects and reaches. And more people that can come and contribute right away, even if you are a back up, coming off the bench. He wants ready players and less developments

I think his strategy makes sense. If you want to win you simply have to reload year in year out. Some years you will have injuries and misses but most you should succeed with. Player development has been drifting to mid major programs as it stands anyway tbh.
Yeah, not surprised by this. St. Mary's was on him the longest. Wishing him much success. Underrated prospect.

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