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Poor QB recruiting doomed P--will it also doom Marrone?

let's face it, SU has not crushed anyone so the back ups are not even getting "garbage" time.

We pretty much crushed WVU two weeks ago. That would have been a great opportunity to give someone some snaps on a couple of series at the end.
WAY too early to write off any of the backups, particularly a guy who is coming in next season. I mean, What are you thinking saying Marrone is 0-1 on Broyld? Why not just say he's 0-10 on QBs going out a few more seasons?
McNabb never sat behind Mason, so your argument doesn't apply.

McNabb was a true freshman in 1994 when Mason was a Senior.

If the OP is calling Hunt a failure because he's not playing as a true frosh, then my argument is valid.
Everyone expected the USC loss, but Rutgers, Louisville and UCONN are all bad losses. I think one player would have made a difference. I think we win at least two out of those three with a better QB. Nassib's poor vision, yips in the pocket, and accuracy issues cost us big time. The more I see of him, the less I like.

Marrone has now recruited...

Charley Loeb
John Kinder
Jonny Miller
Terrel Hunt
Ashton Broyld

0-6 in quarterback recruiting is what gets a coach fired. We all know it's what got P fired. Maybe Broyld or Hunt turn out to be the guy, but if it doesn't happen next year, I don't see Marrone lasting past year 5 unfortunately.

Want to win at the college level? Recruit a playmaker at QB. Marrone has not shown the ability to do that yet. The clock is ticking...

Bottom line - QBs or elsewhere is that pre HCDM our program was amongst the worst in the country with a very low talent level. Coach Doug has us heading in the right direction. It will take some time.

Right now our kids compete and usually play up to their capabilities. The problem is that we only have middle of the road talent...at best.

I believe that Coach Doug is being successful at gradually getting the talent upgraded. You simply can't go from only getting the 1 or 2 star recruits to expecting the 4 & 5 star guys to want to be a part of your program within a couple of years. We have upgraded from mostly 1 & 2 star guys to now getting mostly 2 & 3 star guys. Hopefully, next season we get more 3 stars & a few of the 4 star types. As long as the trendline is up, I am more than willing to support Coach Doug & be patient.

The reality is that from where we were to where I most of us think we outta be is a five year process,....and that assumes things are being done right. IMHO Coach Doug has us right on schedule.
McNabb never sat behind Mason, so your argument doesn't apply.

It isn't a "silly post" at all. Marrone has recruited Loeb, Paulus, Kinder, Miller, Broyd, and Hunt.

Of all these 6 quarterbacks, only one was "good" enough to play in his first year: Paulus. But Paulus sucked, and he wasn't "good" or "polished" at all. So the bar is set very low. In order to play at QB for Syracuse, all a QB would have to do is be better than a SR Paulus (who was lousy) or be better than a SO or JR Nassib. Not only have none of the QBs beaten out any competition, but they haven't even seen the field at all.

There is a chance that Hunt comes in and plays very well, but Paulus, Miller, and Loeb have already proven to be poor selections, Kinder has been a non factor, and Broyd has eligibility issues. That's 0-for-3 (locked up), with Kinder and Broyd likely to push up to 0-for-5.

Marrone's biggest problem has been his inability to bring in a good QB.

This is the typical "rabidly pro-Nassib" nonsense that somehow gains traction on this board. I really dislike this counter factual attitude. THERE ARE NOT 1,000 PROBLEMS ON THIS TEAM!

The OL is solid, mediocre, decent, ok, etc. They ocilate back and forth from poor to good, grading out about average. With the emergence of Graham, our WRs have solid players at the three receiving positions: Graham is an explosive flanker, Chew is a solid route running SE, and Lemon is the bulky over-the-middle slot. Provo and Lemon give Nassib good safety valves, and Graham can beat press coverage and run over the top of bracket coverage. Bailey and Smith are solid running backs. Harris and Stevens are good blockers and reliable pass catchers. Nassib has plenty of help on offense. We miss DC and Sales, and an upgrade over Hay would be awesome: but the offensive unit is talented.

Blaming a lack of "play makers" is just complete nonsense. We have Dorian Graham and Ant Bailey! Those guys are play makers. NFL teams will be looking at them to make plays against Revis, Lewis, Cushing, etc. Chew, Lemon, and Provo are all decent college play makers. Plus, if you watch the game, it is obvious that our receivers are getting separation and are getting open. Nassib is simply missing open receivers, or choosing to throw to a check down receiver rather than taking a chance down field with one-on-one coverage.

All pre-season, the established posters and their echo chamber coterie pronounced the WRs and OL to be strengths of the team (minus concern about Macky). Now Macky and Graham have emerged to shore up these units, but the offense still stinks, so Nassib defenders pretend that everything is broken with the offense other than Nassib. Nassib defenders throw the whole team, and the coaching staff, under the bus: just so they can pretend we have escaped our post-McNabb quarterback curse.

Obviously, I don't need to detail the strengths of Scott Shafer's defense in order to demonstrate that this team does not have 1,000 problems. It has one problem: a veteran laden, talented offense that is struggling to function against quality teams because the Quarterback has been lousy (114 QB rating) against AQ competition.

For you to call our special teams unit "one of the worst in the country" proves that you must not be taking a logical and empirically informed approach. Cuse's special teams is 48th in the country. From a distance, this might be hard to believe, since we had a terrible stretch against Rutgers and our punting has been sub par. But looking closely,our return and coverage units have been outstanding, giving us good field position regularly.

You are incorrect: our current problem really is as singular as Marrone's failure to recruit a prolific Quarterback.

Couldn't agree with you more. QB is the "difference maker" position. Marrone was Brees' OC, that is a big part of his appeal. Like many struggling programs looking to take it to the next level, we need QB talent, pure and simple. Marrone is a winner, so I'm glad he is likely to be treated with patience during the search for a QB.
This is the typical "rabidly anti Nassib" nonsense that somehow gains traction on this board. If you think Nassib is the sole and singular problem on this team you need to lay off the pipe or actually watch the games.

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