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Positive Outcomes Thread - 2022 Season


2022 Cali Winner (Points Scored/Passing TDs)
Mar 18, 2021
7-5 with one to go, and this Syracuse fan is happy with the tangible improvements being made top to bottom throughout the program. I'm excited about the direction the program is going in terms of recruiting / coaching / overall fan experience. Creating a thread here so that everyone can voice the thing that they are most excited about with the positive changes happening around the program.

That being said, obviously, it hasn't been a perfect season, so with your positive observation, I am requesting that everyone adds something that is in need of improvement throughout the program:

My Positive: Oronde Gadsen II's emergence as a bonafide WR1 in the conference, let alone on our squad. A real game breaker and asset to our new offense. A big, imposing, sure-handed target. In my opinion, it's something we've lacked in recent years and is an invaluable treasure for our offense.

My Wish for Improvement: Offensive Line play, with the penalties and the pass protection, at times it has been hair raising, especially at center. AT CENTER! *Sigh* It needs to be cleaned up, I think we win an extra game somewhere in the five straight dropped without the penalties.

Obviously, losing five straight after generating such excitement after a 6-0 start is disappointing, but I for one, with all of the injuries that the team has dealt with, especially on the defensive side, am able to look past record and understand that the building blocks have been laid. I'm very excited for the bowl, and am anticipating an exciting season for our Orange in '23.
Shrader’s passing game came alive when he was healthy. He is a great big field warrior and his long, loping stride makes me think he doesn’t even give a damn as he rips off a 30 yard run.

The amount of hand wringing over our recruiting and portal efforts have left many hands on this forum worn to the nubs. I’d love to see a recruiting class that has everyone singing the praises of all staff and not just Swag Daddy.
The program has finally devoted more resources to staff and facility. That's a big positive and it showed on offense (when Shrader was healthy).
A) Recruiting. Always finishing last or close to last in the ACC is not great for depth or success

B) in game decision making
Last year I kept saying that somebody needs to get Dino playing Madden in the offseason. One year later, I stand by that and continue to implore the folks on the pay side to make it happen.
The Mob Podcast broke out this year

Jahad, Marlowe and Caleb all developing before our eyes and making plays on a weekly basis.

Anwar Sparrow m, if you listen to the podcast, is mentioned positively every single week. Name to watch for replacing Mikel.
We knew the season was going to be tough, especially the second half. It was. Preseason prognostications weren’t optimistic but the team pulled out a winning season. We have weaknesses but there’s an entire offseason to discuss it in detail. For now, I’m celebrating a bowl season for a team that has endured a plethora of challenges. Well done, guys!! Your perseverance paid off.
Positive stuff: 1) I loved the mindset of the defense. 2) Shrader's improvement 3) Darton 4) I predicted 8 wins
Hopes: 1) Tucker and Wax stay 2) we get a couple of really big defensive linemen and a center through the portal 3) we keep the coaching staff
BTW Tucker should stay. He's a top pick if he has a great 2023.
Positive: Improved and more creative play-calling. We actually schemed guys open, at least earlier the year. I was happy to not see the old either run the ball between the tackles or throw it to the sideline every play.

Improvement: Penalties, particularly those that precede and follow the play-i.e. False Starts, 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalties, Size on the DL

I feel very optimistic next year if Shrader and Wax return and we find some semblance of an OL.
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Positives - our LB group was outstanding, even after the loss of Thompson. Hope he returns at 100%. Shrader is a warrior — having Jones and Shrader as leaders. Bergeron. Carter getting turnovers. The 4 turnovers in our favor that kept us in the Clemson game.

Improvement - if we want more wins, or even 6 or 7 next year, our line play (both sides) needs to be better. We will have new OTs, and that is a challenge. Can’t expect to beat teams that are physically better and stronger in the lines. How well can we do in the portal (bigs).
Big positives were Shrader's improvement, the effect of Anae/Beck on the passing game (goes hand in hand), emergence of young offensive talents like Gadsden and glimpses of dynamic play from Allen/Adams/Hatcher to a lesser extent, the defense doing its thing despite injuries and the defensive line playing much better than we feared and with a lot of young talent emerging. Also we won games we needed to against our peer set so we could qualify for a bowl. Huge.
Positives: Shrader/OG2 and the improved passing game. Great back 8 on the D and some really good potential on the front 3. Overall much better staff and a seemingly new dedication by the administration to better the program

Negatives : OL shaky as hell. Insane number of penalties. Some horrible game decisions.

Portal is crucial as is keeping Wax and Shrader, amongst others, on the roster
Happy to see SU back in a bowl game.

I’d like to see the Offense replicate some of what the defense does. Namely be able to rotate guys in from Day 1 and squeeze productivity out of them. Maximize their talents. Then when someone goes down with an injury, we really ARE ready to plug in the next guy.
Positives- Win total improved for the second consecutive year, bowl game, Shrader's passing, depth was better

Negatives- penalties, injuries
Wax, Sparrow, and Thompson will kill it. I think Tuck should go pro and Allen needs about 5-7 lbs muscle and strength we will be good. I think we need more running sets from last year. I did think Anea did well with throwing game. Need 2 solid oline guys minimum. I think receivers in Gadsden, adams, brown, Hatcher, and Alford are set to become a top group in acc. Garrett started throwing ball around in last few games instead of focusing only on Gadsden. Made a big difference fence. Defensively we need size on dline in middle at least against power teams. A couple big dudes or even 1 really good one will help. Lockett and Darton having rest will also help. Need to find a way for us to practice on grass half of time or more to help with knee injury’s. Maybe find a way to play on grass in dome if its possible. Lastly, we need a nutritionist to put muscle on these guys. Each kid needs to talk to coaches so they can explain what they need from each individual player from adding weight, losing it, or just getting stronger. The nutritionist will then work with weight coach and develop a food plan for each kid. kinda kills me this hasn’t been happening this whole time. 5 quality meals should be minimum and if say a kid can’t gain weight, ie Linton, may need 7 meals a day to gain that weight. Imagine that kid at 235 with his length and get off. Would be tough to block Ill tell ya.
Positives. Good coaching. White Dr. Bob Beck.
Team stayed together. Big props to Dino
Beat Ville
Lots of young talent
Administration behind football
ACC strong
12 team playoff
1 division
Swag Daddy gets better w age
Dick got back
Jamie Beck
I actually made it all the way through about half our game day boards without losing my privileges:)

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