Prepare Yourselves For Board Meltdown |

Prepare Yourselves For Board Meltdown

td...d got some rest...lets see how it play out...i was on the verge but have been talked off the ledge...
Amazing we are even in this game right now, we're literally playing as poorly as possible. Really need to eek this thing out somehow.
our entire secondary is a joke and it makes me very sad.
We have serious 3rd down problems on both sides of the ball.
mainly the secondary as they hare like +10 yards per pass... not per catch. Kevyn Scott is turrible.
I'm glad I don't get Brent Axe down here. I'm sure he's going to be slamming the team tomorrow.
we have to play from ahead to win this year...and the offense isn't clicking at this time...
and now the game gets out of hand when Wake scores
kevyn scott with the pick... and i was calling him out for getting burnt on 2 tds... redemption
To all you meltdowners... sheesh... give the team a friggin chance. Who's stinking up the place now?
FU Quitters

You know who you are

Massive win

Unfortunately, we like any other fan based are blessed with these "types". It's best to just try to ignore them and not to watch games with them, or else you'll probably want to strangle them. Complain when the game is decided and over, not during if anyone wants to listen to their whiny crap anyway.
Funny reading through this thread now knowing the outcome!
It would be nice if the annoying wonders could wait until the outcome before they jump down the teams' throat and throw players and coaches under the bus...and write the season off for that matter. It's pathetic.

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