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Red's reaction


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Jun 18, 2018
to the press and public after the Wake game, I think, had a very positive effect on everyone.

I thought Red’s coaching was “spot on” tonight and the team followed what he planned.

Perhaps just what we needed to complete this season, to start a run, maybe, to roll the table.

That was the best I have seen this team play. They were aggressive, the ball went where it was supposed to go. Great passing, and ball movement, no mistakes - they played Defense and were right on top of NC the entire game.

Individually, I thought Judah was very smart and shared the ball tonight. JJ was great. Crisp passes to the right player One drive by Mintz from about the half court to the basket was perfect.

That Benny was dismissed, though not so good for Benny, also showed that Red isn’t going to stand for any “I don’t think I’ll play all out tonight from anyone.” It had the exact opposite result and it showed in spades in tonight’s game.

An all - out team effort. The way we have to play every game. Imagine if we had played every game like we did tonight. I hope we do the rest of the way.

It feels so good to see us play like we should that I am excited and happy for the win and where it’s going to take us.

A bunch of talented and not too talented sophomores defeating all juniors and seniors from tobacco road. What a great game and great team when they play like they did tonight! ;):)
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...the only cloud on the night was that Cuffee did not step on the floor at all? I think it says a lot!!!!
...the only cloud on the night was that Cuffee did not step on the floor at all? I think it says a lot!!!!
But "Cuffee" is no longer on the team.
I watched Red' press conference last night while making dinner. My wife came into the kitchen, knowing that we had played UNC but didn't know the outcome. Based on how Red was talking she concluded that we had lost. It was funny, because I could see why in the way Adrian was speaking - very low key. I like Red's disposition, a good balance of fire and being calm, even keeled.

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