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Refs: Natili, Stephens & Hess

Today will be one of those days where both coaches are like ETF you were at half court and the guy under the basket called nothing. This is a very bad crew possibly for either or both teams. They just suck.
This is exactly the issue. I don't think any refs are biased against SU specifically. But when they're inconsistent and just plain wrong so much of the time, it introduces randomness that means the better team won't always win.

How many times do you think the announcers will point out after a bad call that we have a "veteran officiating crew"? Bilas is the only one willing to call it like it is.
What team of refs would put people's minds at ease, is there one?
Let's start with Joe DeRosa. Ex NBA ref. Crowd noise, angry coaches, nor chippy players will effect him at all.

And the fact he threw a ball at a dinkwad fan while being an NBA ref makes him all the better.
How do we keep getting Hess/Stephens? They are the worst! Any game with Hess will have 50+ fouls called including 10 What calls. Assign them to somebody else.
Robby Rob tight.jpg

I guess according to the Hess/Stephens combo it's all good for Nova to tackle our guys to the ground with no foul call. BMK is lucky that his knee wasn't blown out on that loose ball where he got chopped down from behind.
Michael Stephens, rut roh. That guy is a foul calling machine. Imagined, real, ticky tac, bogus, anticipated, etc, get ready for all of these varieties today.

Really hope our free throw shooting is on today.

The king of the anticipation whistle! Spot on.

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