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Remembering the Big East

Did you know: 3 is a larger number than 1.

Way to miss the point.

Where the icon of something sailing over a smiley's head?
I was a kid at the time but already a huge SU fan. Cartoons/PBS, the news, SU sports were all that ran on our four TV channels.

Anyway, Doug Logan is on Channel 9 talking about the Big East football conference, and all the head coaches are at a table with the football helmets in front of them.

I've seen all these teams play on TV before, or saw highlights during a halftime show, or read about in the paper, except one, and I can't figure out who the fluck this team is:

The BE built Virginia Tech. That program was non-existant. That needs to go in the obit.
The Lady that was the Big East:

She was an akward young lady at first but alway cute and you could see the potential. In elementary school she was outgoing but kind of snobbish, refusing to be friends with a homely girl that would later come back to haunt her (PSU).

She hit the Junior High years and matured quickly and others took notice. She was going to be smoking hot as soon as she came of age and as soon as High School hit she was to die for. She wasn't always the smartest or have the best understanding of geography but it was easily overlooked because well... she was smoking hot. Her other attractive catholic cousin didn't want to move into her neighborhood but they were still at almost all the family get togethers expect the major ones (Notre Dame) and remained fairly close when her cousin found it convenient.

She hit college and and was all of the sudden not the center of attention. Add to this she lost some important hot friends (Miami, Va Tech, and BC) and picked up some really bad habits along the way (DePaul, Marquette) and you could see the spiral starting. Despite her father continuosly telling her she was beautiful, by the time college was over, she was used up and of no particular interest to anyone. She still had a chance to maintain a somewhat relavent social status but had learned nothing along the way.

Not long after she shrivled away to nothing. Eating disorders, drug habits, and yet still pimped herself out to anyone that would oblige with a kind smile. Still noone would oblige, except of that one nice guy from Texas who said he would show her a good time, but stood her up on date night (TCU). She would still troll craigslist personal adds but noone ever responds anymore. She was used goods with too much excess baggage and fell apart as even her earliest friends choose to leave her (SU, Pitt). So she rotted away in solitude, still convinced of her own importance, but being the laughing stock of all onlookers while only being vaguely missed by familiar faces from those good old days that were so long ago.

Her cousin would've still like her to pull through but she had been the one feeding her the drugs all along that led to her demise and refused to stop enabling her. Her father that so highly touted her was last seen in Providence repeatedly watching the Godfather trilogy while eating pizza and donuts.

In short, the Big East was/is Lindsay Lohan.
Along with the obit, the BE should follow the recent(?) trend that I've noticed of putting two pictures next to the obituary: one from the good old days when it was in its prime and one recent photo of its decrepit near-death state.
Putting together an obituary for the Big East and since you guys spent considerable time there, I figure you can recount some memories, both good and bad.
My only significant memory of the BE football conference was when it was forming, as a way for us to play Miami every year. When I was a senior at Fredonia in '89, a Miami fan there and I were talking about how SU was about to play Miami (I think we had a series before the conference formed, maybe?), and he didn't take SU seriously. I thought it would be great to get a shot at them.

When the FSU/Miami lottery turned out the way it did (with where they ended up), I was excited to be able to see us play Miami every year. Pitt, BC, WV, no biggie because we were playing them already. Everyone else was an afterthought. Things only got worse from the inception, and after Miami, BC, and VT departed, bleh.

If the BE football conference were a person, he would have been a rich heir from a dysfunctional family. First he fought with his uncle Joe, who stood to control most of the family's fortune and had the best business sense of the lot, so he eventually got cut out of that opportunity. And while he did inherit a goodly sum, he blew it on a poorly-thought-out startup without a solid business plan. The money never quite ran out, but as it dwindled, all the good engineers were picked off by competitors one by one. In the end he settled down in a double-wide somewhere in Piscataway and lived out his life in obscurity as The Emperor of the Estates, Whom Everyone Really Loved All Along.

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