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Small worthless tidbit


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Aug 16, 2011
The son of John Surma (who did the presser announcing Paterno's firing) played football for Paterno at PSU. That guy had a tough job all the way around.
He did a fantastic job considering half the reporters came straight from Romper Room. It's hard to prepare for the outright stupid questions like he was getting.
the noise in that room was straight out of the south park rabble rabble rabble vatican episode
First and foremost, all thoughts need to go out to the kids and their families that were affected by Sanduski and Penn State administration for letting it happen for what appears to be decades of sexual and mental abuse on young kids. This has to be the single worst thing I've heard about an administration of higher education which sole purpose is to "build" kids for the future.

Tough job for the BOT's last night as you said, but the right thing to do is what they have started and that is take the top people out of office immediately: President, AD, VP's (that knew), and JoePa. Many others will get filtered out as well I have no doubt over the coming weeks and months. Penn State will be left in shambles when this is finished because of the actions ( or in action in many of the cases here ) of a few people in prominent positions. Just a horrid story all around.

There has been some discussion here about the "death penalty" for football. I'm not sure the NCAA has any jurisdiction over this as it isn't about paying for play etc. but somehow the NCAA should be able to affect the program and make an example out of this. If there was ever a reason to deliver the "death penalty" to a program, this has to be it because it goes against everything a University should stand for. The "death penalty" would give the University / Community / Students a few years to sort out their priorities which it seems they need with their rioting in support for JoePa etc.

Note that this whole extremely horrid event are based upon the actions of a few prominent people and most Penn State Alumnus are really great people. Their pride for PSU is just as strong as ours is for Syracuse. They are hurting, angry, distraught, etc. etc. as well I know.

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