So, is McFarlane solid? |

So, is McFarlane solid?


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Aug 15, 2011
saw there was an article on TOS.
saw there was an article on TOS.

I'd say he is ... the kid is jacked :) ... In all sincerity I hope he sticks with his verbal. I have not seen a game at Vandy but I know guys who have been there that say the stadium is a shoe box and their attendance might rival that of Tulane ... its not much of a football town.
Vandys not all bad. SEC and good coach.
Vandy has one of the top-30 recruiting classes in the nation. They're really going to be bringing in talent the next few years if they improve. I read somewhere that 6 of the top 10 players in Tennessee are going to Vandy and only 1 is off to Rocky Top.
Vandys not all bad. SEC and good coach.

There are high schools here that blow away Vandy in terms of game time environment and crowds I kid you not ... yes they put out Jay Cutler but that program has never been what one would call a football factory in spite of its SEC affiliation. They are only there to boost the avg GPA in the conference ... the SEC needs all the help it can get.
Bears had 5 Vandy starters Fwiw

Which is good ... like I said they will put out a player or two once in a while but like I said I know people who have gone there to see games ... usually because they have teams there visiting since down here SEC fanbases travel like mad and they have told me its not exactly a good place to go see a game ... they actually enjoyed going to Lexington believe it or not but they said Nashville is a terrible venue with a terrible fan base ... and players there loathe playing either in front of an empty house or playing in front of the opposing teams fans as if they are on the road.
Vandy could be really amazing if they really wanted to be, but choose not to. Although the coach there is now definitely doing a lot more with less.

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