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some belated game thoughts


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Aug 19, 2011
another tough one to stomach. that is 2 big east games against rutgers and now uconn that were basically gift-wrapped to us (turnovers), where we had leads but couldn't hold on in the fourth quarter. when i was at the game i guess i thought 2 things stuck out. first, was that we couldn't stop the running QB. uconn didn't exactly do anything surprising, they have played 2 QB's all year. one guy who can pass but can't run, and one guy who can run but can't pass. we bottled up the guy who can pass, but i find it mind-boggling that we let a run-only QB rush for 59 yards and 2 TD's without attempting a pass. to me that is on shafer, because plenty of other teams have stopped their running QB just fine, and we looked lost completely.

the second thing that was on my mind was that nassib's numbers look good on paper, but i thought he made at least 3-4 really bad throws, including the 4th quarter int which was high-risk, low-reward, just not a good decision. on top of that i feel like there were at least 2-3 times where we had a receiver running free down field and nassib either just didn't see them or was unwilling to throw the pass, and settled for a dump off. it feels like the staff is so conservative that it is holding back nassib. i just don't see what the staff is so afraid of. at some point they have to turn these guys loose.

just some OT thoughts...had a good time at the board tailgate. i was surprised how subdued the uconn crowd was, but i will not judge because of the power outages and what not i think it was not "business as usual" for alot of people. they really didn't make a peep until the last five minutes or so, i also didn't see any of problems or ill will from uconn fans that others have mentioned. had dinner at the uss chowder pot (sp?), which was fantastic.

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