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Aug 26, 2011
While watching the game today the stark contrast between the 2 teams made me realize a few things about Syracuse. First off the mix of the talent on the team is such that each player brings unique talents that blend so well with the rest of the team. It also has become apparent that each player, on a team comprised of lots of new parts which had not played together prior to this season, has assimilated their roles and established what particular things they can dedicate themselves to doing to make the team a winner. Gbinje has really started to show what a valuable contributor he can be.

As they have all begun to fit into their roles on the team, the team has been steadily improving. North Carolina appeared to be a team that had not sorted out the identities of each player much less as a team. It seems like with the loss of Hairston to the team that they have no way to coalesce into a team. The two teams I watched today were heading in two entirely different directions.

JB referenced the growth and development of the team up to this point in the season and inferred that we have no limitation as to what this team can accomplish if they continue to develop both as individual players and as a team. JB noted how little experience so many of our players have in pointing that out he intimated that there is room for big time growth and development and upside for the team.

Pretty exciting time to be a Syracuse Basketball fan. It's getting pretty easy to visualize us winning the big prize this year.
It all starts with the lead guard and team's leading scorer, who both are unflappable.

Two great kids to have the rock in their hands when things get tight with the game on the line.

Special team. I'm telling you, this is going to be a phenomenal year. All of the elements are there for this team to (1) keep improving and (2) to be dangerous as hell come March.
This is a team determined to win. Quietly, steadfastly going about their "bidness."

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