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Tennessee NIL Violations

I bet the NCAA will write a very strongly worded letter. Then Tennessee will sue in state court and the court will prohibit the NCAA from enforcing its penalties.
Almost guaranteed the NCAA penalty will be vacating wins from any team whose primary color and/or mascot is orange.
Philip Fulmer, his successors and that program have always been slime balls. No surprise it has continued on regardless who the coaches and ADs are.

I hope we stomp them and their arrogant fans in Atlanta for the 2025 opener!
Flew a recruit to campus on a private jet...hmmmm does that sound familiar?
So long as the visit was for NIL inquiries and nothing to do with the school, it should be fine, no?
There was a tweet that I can't find anymore that was a list of infractions from SEC schools since I believe 2013-14 or so...

Tennessee had 48
Georgia had 0
Alabama had 0

I find that VERY hard to believe.

Selective enforcement. They probably have committed violations, but I would bet no different than any other program. They're just being picked on IMO.
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So looks like 2025 season opener talking points are covered
after all this, Boeheim will lost 100 more games!
I didn't listen to the podcast, but are they saying the "death penalty" has legs?

I've read an opinion (I forget the source) that the NCAA will have to carefully navigate anything contesting NIL as people will quickly throw "antitrust" back at them, to which there is already precedent, as it is how we got NIL in the first place

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