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That win was fantastic

Some same this with no factual evidence. Shafer left a very good foundation. In fact many of the players below were the foundation of Dino's 10-3 season and that is just an irrefutable fact.

QB was better and deeper
Eric Dungey
Zack Mahoney

RB same
Moe Neal 10th all-time recruited by Shafer
Donate Strickland
Jordan Fredericks

OL was better
Evan Adams recruited by Shafer
James McGloster starter
Omari Plamer starter
Aaron Roberts starter

WR & TE was a lot better and deeper
Steve Ishmael 2nd all-time
Jamal Custis
Brisly Estime
Sean Riley recruited by Shafer
Ervin Phillips 1st all-time

DL was better
Chris Slaton starter
Steven Clark starter
Kayton Samuels starter

LB same to marginally weaker
Zaire Franklin NFL
Paris Bennett starter

ST was much better
Cole Murphy PK
Sterling Hofrichter P
Ervin Phillips R
Brisly Estime R
We probably just won't agree on some of these. Some really good Dino recruits are no longer on the team because they're in the league.

As I said, I think the top of the Shafer WR's is better. Dino should probably be given some credit, however, for moving Philips to slot since he came in as a RB. He also brought in AET. It shouldn't be counted against Dino that Gadsden got hurt this year. He would've been a higher NFL prospect than anyone Shafer left. I think almost everyone we have now is better than than Riley. I'm not just using stats to judge.

The top of the dline you listed was better but Shafer left absolutely no depth there. Remember how we started true freshman DEs that I believe Dino recruited during his first year? We've been able to rotate way more guys this year than what Shafer left.

Zaire Franklin may be better than anyone Dino has recruited, but, again, we've had a bunch of guys we've been able to rotate the last couple years. I give the depth advantage to Dino.

I think some of what we have on the oline this year match up to the guys you listed. Shafer never recruited a Bergeron.

I'll take Allen over every RB you listed and it's not close. If you offered me only Allen or all three of the other guys, I'd take Allen. And Dino also recruited Tucker. And even though he transferred out, he landed Jawhar Jordan.

Dino made over the roster largely into a P5 one. We can see that by how many guys we've had drafted the last few years compared to how many had been getting drafted. Hopefully, the new coach can build on that by landing/developing some of the positions Dino had trouble with: QB, WR, and oline.

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