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The all inclusive Quade Green thread

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Jun 7, 2018
Watching the Seton Hall game, 2 points, little time. Last year he would have received serious time off our bench, especially after HW went down. Maybe he could pull a Moyer like insta transfer. Cal recruits over his kids like crazy. No chance for development. NBA after one year or bust.
Dude sucks wouldn’t play for us either this year if Frankie and Jalen are healthy. Was a miss at the time but right now not so much. Wonder if the allow him to hang around after this year usually they want to keep those schollies open at UK for more burger boys.
Great point, we put all our eggs in one basket for a kid who may not be able to play. Not the staff’s best decision.
We had others that we passed on. JB has had some recent misses.
Oh...I remember him.

He is the PG that at the last hour decided to go to a better situation / playing opportunity, right? Something about NBA readiness, and homing in on your skills while playing against the best.

Is that what he was sold...
Wonder what he’s thinking after being recruited over before he even got to UK (Gilgeous-Alexander), and even he goes 1st round last year. Quade will continue to backup first rounders and be a depth/emergency guard for his entire career at UK.
speaking of good riddance what happened that that kid who chose to ride the Duke bench instead of play for SU?
I just don't get why we continue to see threads about Quade Green and Taurean Thompson, two players that are not on our roster. Even though I clicked on the thread, I could personally care less about what either of them do on other teams. They chose to go elsewhere. Let's wish them well and move on already...
JB is a great developer of talent. Calipari, not so much.
Eh... Calipari gets a lot of NBA talent, true, but there's a lot of "talent" that's left Syracuse that hasn't gotten much better. Quade probably wouldn't be doing much here either.
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