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The Jim Boeheim Show - before Duke


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Aug 26, 2011

Matt congratulated Coach on “getting back over .500”. JB: We did that a couple weeks ago!” [We are 16-10 and 9-6 in the conference.] “Two weeks in college basketball is a lifetime. Anything can happen. The whole thing with NET rankings is crazy. Clemson beat Florida State by 40 and went up 14 spots!” [Are they using my system?] “We beat a top 20 team and move down.” [We moved from #98 to #95, then fell back to #97 after our 0-0 tie with nobody.] “It’s what you do and how good a team you are. Your net ranking never changes if it’s high and you’re in a good league. It punishes a team that starts badly. You can’t play your way in anymore. It’s so subjective. Teams that have won 1 or no Quad games will be in the tournament. You play the tournament in March, not November! Ohio State is 11-14 and 1-7 vs. Quad 1 and they are #53. If you have a high ranking early, you don’t drop.”

“Judah has had three flawless second halves in a row.” [Keep working on those first halves!] “Some things are going to go bead so you have make more things go good. The Jesse pass to Judah, Judah’s drive, Jesse’s three pointer, taking that charge on Burns… We would have lost if we didn’t make 16 of 17 free throws. We missed 8 against Virginia (or that game might have been a win). We pushed up on the threes. It was kind of a balance between our defense and the ones they missed. Clark had 15 points and 9 rebounds when he hadn’t played in 10 games. If somebody produces and you’re not he gets to play. Their big guy, (Burns) was great but he made the kind of silly fouls Jesse used to make. Jesse’s shot didn’t bounce around and in. Smith’s bank shot off the backboard from the corner was something I’ve seen no more than 1-2 times in my 47 years.”

“Their coach was complaining about the calls. He said that “The refs are terrible” but the ACC refs are better than most. I told him that I’ve lost a couple (of games), too. (The conversation) wasn’t about me. It was about the officials. There have been 4-5 incidents this year about coach comportment. They’ve always been strict. There’s nothing wrong with saying that a call was bad. You can’t say that the officials cheated or gave the game to the other team. Basketball and football are the hardest sports to referee. There could be holding on every play. It’s unfortunate when a call comes at the end of the game, as in the Super Bowl.”

[Two things I noticed about this show, which came after three straight wins: there were fewer callers and more non-basketball talk. Success provides less controversy.]

Jesse in Lexington [What’s Jesse doing in Lexington?] wants JB to play Quadir and Judah together in the backcourt. JB: “They’ve practiced together. We need Joe’s shot and Chris and Justin are our next two best shooters. Quadir is a driver. His shot is getting better. He’s very talented and could be a good player down the line. He’s a great teammate.”

Josh in Boulder feels “we’ve turned the corner” and wonders what our chances are in the ACC tournament. JB: “It’s tough in the ACC tournament. It’s very difficult to win. Miami, Virginia, Pittsburgh, NC State and Clemson are good and Duke and North Carolina will get going. If not for the NET system, we could be in just by winning our games. They do look to see how you are playing. Our thinking is just to try to win the next game. Some teams with high NETS that haven’t been playing well will be in the tournament.

Matt does a “This day in SU basketball history” segment and cited a 76-65 at Seton Hall in 2013. Brandon Triche had 29 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in that game. Jim said that Brandon has had a “great career abroad. He’s in Dubai now. He works out at my house whenever he’s in town.”

Kyle, [I didn’t get where he was calling from but it wasn’t Durham], wanted to know how the team spends the day, waiting for a nighttime game. “4 ½ hours before the game we have a team meeting and go over things, show them some things. Then the team meal.” What is his favorite Syracuse area restaurant to take the team to? “We can’t really do that. One the road, the team eats in the hotel. These guys eat mostly pizza and tacos.”

The women’s team was down only 65-67 at Florida State. “They are playing great and having a great season.” That was the jinx. FSU scored the last 11 points of the game.

Regarding Duke: “Filipowski is really big (7-0 230) and really good (15.1p 9.1r). He’s been freshman of the year in the league 4-5 times and Judah has bene 3-4 times. Kyle was a big recruit but everybody is aware of Judah now.” On the absence of Coach K: “I don’t look to the left. It’s the players on the court I worry about. They are very talent and have good size. Jeremy Roach is really good. That’s who they are.” Later Matt asked what “the biggest message to the players about Duke” was. JB: “They know about Duke. We need to play good basketball and try to limit what Duke does. We have to play our game.”

A trip around the ACC: Miami won over UNC. “Jordan Miller is a really good player (24p/11r).” Duke “held off Notre Dame, who won the second half. Notre Dame has a brutal schedule. Virginia Tech, Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Wake, Pitt and Clemson.” [They are already 2-13 in the conference on the season.] The Panthers had no trouble at BC. They were most impressive and the team to beat right now. They had us down 20 and I don’t think we’d be able to press them right now.” [So don’t expect me to use it.] “There are some really good teams in the ACC. It’s unfortunate that there are some high number, (meaning that the number, not the ranking, is high.) bad teams. The top ACC teams can win in the NCAAs and get to the Sweet 16. Louisville had a really good chance to beat Virginia.” [They lost 58-61.] “That’s why you never gamble. The casinos make all the money.”

The Super Bowl “was a great game. I thought that Philly was the better team, but that Mahomes would find a way to win it and he did. He makes plays I’ve never seen.” Matt mentioned that his father had been an MLB player and Patrick was considered a prospect.” [As was Kyler Murray – is this a new thing?] “He’s a nice guy. He just plays football. It was a great game with no real losers.”

The women’s lacrosse team beat Northwestern. On the men’s side, Joey Spolina is exciting and fun to watch.

They had the first round of the ‘Genesis Invitational’ with Tiger Woods on the restaurant TV and JB did a brief commentary. He said he’d played Riviera and “it’s a beautiful course. Tiger is doing something nobody else could ever do. He does things that only he can do. I don’t think he can win again but who knows?”

Gomez took over. [I’ve already posted the ‘Twitch’ segment, above so I’ll just do the radio segment here] he wanted to talk golf. “The PGA is trying to build its league around the stars. They’ve made certain tournaments bigger to attract the stars.” Tiger, Rory and Justin were playing the 18th hole. Jim: “I’ve played that 18th hole. It’s not that easy.” All three got birdies. Gomez suggested there might have been a side bet involved and JB laughed.

Coach predicts that Jesse will be in the SU record books for the highest percentage n three pointers in perpetuity. [Because his attempts will remain at 1.] “It wasn’t luck. They lucked a shot off the backboard.” Gomez suggested it was the sort of thing you might see in a high-level game of horse. JB: “I’ve seen one or two of such shots in 47 years. Jesse made 5 big-time plays. Judah made plays. Joe was good early. But we left some shots out there, especially Jesse and Chris.”

Bob in Liverpool congratulated JB on “putting up with Gomez”. Jim, (kidding), “That’s the hardest thing to do.” [Later Paulie Scibilia had to explain something behind the scenes and Jim said that when you have to go to Paulie for information “That’s the end of the world”. He has a joking relation with both.] Bob wondered if Jim had anything to say about the death of Tim McCarver. JB: “He was a great player and broadcaster. That’s one thing about getting old: you lose people. Time is undefeated.”

Gomez asked about the new baseball rules. “The ‘ghost runner’ might be good vs. having 18, 19 or 20 inning games. The players will adjust to the pitch clock. Baseball games are too long.” Bases will be 20% bigger. Gomez said it was to encourage guys to steal. [This where Paulie intervened to tell them that it’s only first base that will be bigger, to avoid collisions.]

Kyle at Carraba’s and what Filipowski’s strengths were. [was it THAT Kyle? – hmmm…] “He has really good touch around the basket and can shoot it from distance.” How much does Coach B talk to Coach K? “A couple of times this year. He’s doing well. He’s happy. He’s 72 and was in coaching for 50 years. That’s enough. When you retire and you’re past 70 – you do nothing.”

Ralph in Baldwinsville asked the week Buddy and Jimmy question. “Buddy’s in the G league. Jimmy’s in the Czech Republic. Buddy is back here, practicing. He works out with Gerry. Two shooters don’t miss a lot. I’ve seen Steph Curry and Klay Thompson make 92 of 100 threes.”

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