The Legends Game: An absolute treat!!! |

The Legends Game: An absolute treat!!!


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Aug 26, 2011
Talk about memories rushing back and slapping you in the face. Wow! That game was incredible!! I turned to my son about 2 minutes in and said 'pay attention and soak this in because you will NEVER see a Syracuse game like this again'. I don't know if I can even put into words just how great the experience was. I feel lucky to have been there to see it live. To see Poetry in Moten out there again was magical. He looked as smooth tonight as he did almost 20 years ago. He still has the sweet jumper and makes the game look effortless. The chemistry between Laz and J-Dub hasn't missed a beat. It's like they just walked off that court at the Meadowlands last week.

The most beautiful element of the night had to be seeing Hak abusing the rim at the Dome once again.

I don't care who you are, or how old, that game had to make you feel like a kid again. What a special treat. Many thanks to JB for making that happen.

The best defensive play had to be DC's block of Gene Waldron's three pointer...from the bench! Hilarious!! Even JB had a hearty guffaw on that one.

I was happy to see guys like Devo and Donte there. It really shows how strong of a bond all these guys have to each other, the school, and JB. Devo is one of the last people I would have expected to see. I'm also happy that Donte finally had a homecoming of sorts.

Obviously we would all have liked to have seen Melo play in the game, but just having him there was electric. He clearly appreciated the love. No matter where he plays in the NBA, he will never feel the same level of appreciation that he did in the Dome.

I was really hoping to see Billy Edelin there. Hopefully he was there, even if it was on the down low.

Does anyone else think Andy added about 5 inches to his vertical since he left? He really got up a couple of times tonight.

I thought Wes looked tiny out there next to guys like Wallace (I never realized how big he actually was). But the funniest thing had to be when this year's squad took the floor after the Legend's. I turned and said to my wife 'my gosh, they look like babies compared to those guys!'.

I think we all should realize the uniqueness of what we saw tonight because we may never see it again. Just an absolutely special moment in time when it comes to SU bball history.

Kudos to everyone who made it happen.
Unfreaking believable.

Wallace looks like he could be all-league now.

Moten, some of those other guys--all still in great shape.

Very cool event. Anyone who didn't get the opportunity to watch should check out the link bees's posted in a separate thread.
Regarding Wallace, I'll never get over when I saw him a couple days before the draft back in '95 when I was at the Syracuse basketball camp (first of all because JB walked over to talk to him, and they disappeared into the locker room for awhile and I knew right then and there J-Dub had pulled his name out of the draft). I just could not believe how BIG he seemed. You know the tunnel where the players come out? He was just casually standing there, and he basically took up the entire space, floor to ceiling (his arms were kind of up). The dude was huge. If he could have played anything resembling defense, he would have been an all-star because very few power forwards in the last 20 years could score like that dude could score.
That was a great game that we will never see again! I was hoping there would be more national press about it but I ESPNU didn't say a word about it! No other school brought back so many high profile NBA players and stars! I wish DC and Billy played! It would have capped it all off if Sherm showed up also.

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