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Aug 26, 2011
- That game was everything we could have dreams of. We really dominated from the opening kickoff to the end of the game in all three phases and exorcised the demons of our recent embarrassments at the hands of this team. Will we ever see a close Syracuse – Louisville game again? That will have to wait for next year.

- The most exception unit was surely Tony White’s defense, which, except for one first quester drive was in complete control. The dangerous Malik Cunningham was made to look ordinary: 16 of 22 but for only 152 yards, no scores and 2 interceptions. Those are Tommy DeVito numbers. He also ran for 34 yards on 13 carries but didn’t score. We expected the linebackers and secondary to be good but there was nothing wrong with those new linemen, either.

- Tiyon Evans was ad advertise with 89 yards on 13 carries, including a 36 yard score. But Louisville had only 158 yards rushing overall and 334 yards total offense. They were -3 in turnovers and 0 for 2 on fourth down, (which essentially is a turnover). I can’t recall when we dominated a team with comparable talent to this extent.

- Garrett Shrader looked like a whole new quarterback, thanks to his own hard work and the coaching of Jason Beck. His passes were sharp and catchable and he completed 18 of 25 for 237 yards and 2 scores. He picked his spots to use his running ability, running for 95 yards and a score on 16 carriers. He thus had 332 yards of total offense and accounted for 3 scores while the more heralded Cunningham had 186 and zero.

- Just after we’d all been saddened by the sight of watching Chris Elmore being helped off the field, Sean Tucker picked up our spirits by catching a swing pass, juking his way past a couple of defenders using a spin move and breaking past them, 55 yards from the goal. I said “HE GONE!” and he was. You can do that with Sean. He then came back from being KO’d to gain some tough yards in the second half. He wound up with 98 rushing yards in 21 carries and a score and 5 passes caught for 85 more and another score. He’ll have bigger statistical games but not better ones.

- Robert Anae’s play calling, while somewhat conservative, we very efficient and effective. He does pass to the tight end, (I suppose Gadsden’s 3 catches for 36 yards and a huge TD qualifies and even Max Mang had a 25 yarder). More importantly, he passes over the middle, not just down the sidelines. He makes the defense cover the whole field and I think Shrader’s accuracy is helped as well. One play sets up another and it all seems to make more sense.

- The kicking game was flawless, thanks to new special teams coach Bob Ligashesky. Andre Szmyt looked like he Andre Szmyt of 2018, easily nailing all five kicks, one despite a 5 yard penalty. Max von Marburg averaged 41.3 yards per punt. We didn’t get big returns but didn’t give them up, either. Between hat and the takeovers, our average drive start was our 34, theirs, their 22. Dino spoke in awed tones of the sequence where we were made to kick the ball twice due to a penalty, the Louisville coach thinking that our coverage people would be gassed and we tackled Jawhar Jordan on the same spot both times.

- It’s a measure of a great leader that he surrounds himself with good people. Tony White, Jason Beck, Robert Anae and Bob Ligashesky are good people.

- Suddenly that intimidating schedule doesn’t look quite as intimidating.

1-0 with 11+ to go

Was it really necessary to bash DeVito. Kid did his best, under less than ideal circumstances. What if he had Beck and Anea?
Wouldn't have made any difference, even last week on a 2nd and 10 at opponents 20 he is pressured throws a backwards pass ruled as a fumble to cost his team points.
They lose by 3. He still can't handle pressure. From all accounts a nice person, just not a good QB.
I think we shouldn't be surprised about the effectiveness of the defense. I seem to recall when Tony White arrived here he stated that it takes some time to really learn the 3-3-5. This is year 3 for that scheme and the team looks like it has really embraced it.

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