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Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- For once, watching a Syracuse University football game was a pleasure rather than a pain. It allowed me to fully enjoy a college football Saturday, which is my favorite thing to do in sports.

- I hope the posters who suggested they might be rooting for the team to lose so we could get a new and better coach came to the conclusion watching this that the players were rooting for SU to win and perhaps we should be rooting for them to achieve their goals. I realized this a long time ago: when Keith Smart hit that jump shot and we lost the national championship they showed the inevitable “loser’s bench” shot of our team. I then realized that they weren’t trying to make my dreams come true. They were trying to make their own dreams come true and that being a fan should involve rooting for them to do so.

- This game also shows that we’ve got a pretty good coaching staff. To totally re-design the offense to accommodate the layers they had and what they were still capable of in a week and come out with a performance like that is an amazing feat. We often say that a good coach, (or staff) doesn’t just have a ‘system’ and try to fit square pegs into round holes: they adopt their schemes to what they have to work with. Dino and company did that in spades this week.

- SU ran for an incredible 382 yards in this game, two weeks after gaining ZERO yards on the ground vs. Virginia Tech. Technically we didn’t have three 100 yard rushers: Garrett Shrader gained 109 yards forward but was thrown for 13 yards in losses, (I don’t remember them) for a net 96 yards on 14 carries, (6.9 per carry), while Dan Villari had a Shraderesque 154 yards on 17 carries (all forward and whopping 9.1 yards per carry – right up the middle!) while LeQuint Allen had 102 yards, (also all forward) in 28 tough carries, (3.6), that made Dan’s and Garrett’s heroics possible. He got a poke in the eyes for his troubles and had to get his helmet equipped with a shield to protect his eyes.

- When Villari has a big game, we need to play some version of ‘Volare’. I like the looks on the people’s faces in this one

- Our much injured and much criticized line bored holes in the Pitt defense all day and made the big numbers possible.

- The offense was half of what happened. The defense held Pitt, who has often ground out victories against us to 2.9 yards per carry and 60 yards rushing. Marlowe Wax again led in tackled but Isaiah Johnson got in some hits we could hear in Syracuse.

- We won the turnover battle for once, and finally got a pick six after dropping several of them in the painful losses.

- Can we do this again in the last two games? It reminds me of what Auburn did under Gus Malzahn in 2013. They took it all the way to the national championship game. We just need to supplement it with some kind of a passing game.

Football Highlights 2013: Auburn vs Missouri, SEC Championship Game

- Pat Narduzzi was so flustered he looked like the Army coach in the football game in M*A*S*H, (unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of it). We may have to add his name to those of available coaches after this but would we want him after this?

- WE just beat a teams that had beaten us 18 times in 21 years!

5-5 with 2, (or 3) to go

Let’s Go Orange!
The upside, we bring in Paul Johnson next year and make this our permanent offense! The board then loses its collective mind. Lol
The interview with Narduzzi after the first quarter was fantastic. Asked if he was happy with his team’s performance he said with great frustration something to the effect of “No, Syracuse is running a completely different offense and we didn’t practice for that!” Genuinely pissed off. Epic.

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