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Aug 26, 2011
- Now we all feel better. SU basketball is off the ventilator.

- The strength of this team is the number of players who can have a big game. JB can’t just stick with 6-7 guys, win or lose. He’s a got a bench, (or what passes for one during the pandemic), with several players who can come in and make a difference and needs to use them when things are going sour.

- Kadary isn’t the same player when they are packing in a zone and forcing him to shoot but when he can wheel and deal he becomes an artist and everyone around him gets better. He totally turned this game around. In 20 minutes he had 7 points, 8 assists, (vs. 2 turnovers) and 5 steals, 2 rebounds and a block. Joe and Buddy each scored 23 points but I think Kadary was the team’s MVP tonight.

- Joe Girard can play the point but he shoots much better when at the ‘2’ and Kadary can get him some open shots from a reasonable distance. Once Joe hit a few, his confidence shot up and he made shots at the ‘1’ as well. Joe and Buddy totaled 7 assists. When the shots fall, the passing lanes open up.

- Buddy got his confidence going, too, in the second half and started hitting everything and joined Joe with 23 points. And it wasn’t all from Deep. He was 4/8 from three and 5 for 8 from two, using a nice turn-around moved at the top of the key to get wide open shots.

- Quincy Guerrier quietly had 18 points and 8 rebounds amidst all the jump shots. The fact that he can do so quietly is a good sign: It’s become what we expect from him.

- Jesse Edwards played extensively and played well, for the most part. He allowed us to survive Marek’s foul trouble with 7 points and 6 rebounds in 23 minutes. He also helped hold Anthony Walker to 2 second half points after he’d had 11 in the first half.

- Marek never scored, Griffin got 5 points, Braswell missed his only shot and newton never played yet we beat an ACC team by 21 points.

- With 13 scholarship players, any time the walk-on’s play it’s either great news or terrible news. The news was great tonight.

- All in all, a great day for SU men’s and women’s basketball!

8-4 with ? to go

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