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Aug 26, 2011
- 7 and 6. It’s not beautiful but we can learn to love it.

- A third bowl win in four years. The G-Rob years are a distant memory. We win here and we win bowl games here. It’s a good message to send to the nation- and to Texas.

- I think this will be the worst Syracuse team we will see for the next few years. We have a lot of key guys coming back, a lot of young players that will only get better and a lot of good recruits coming in.

- One thing I really expect to see is a much more dynamic attack. I think Morris and McFarlane could be better than Smith and Gulley. I think Broyld and Estime will improve considerable. I think we’ll get some wide-outs that can get separation. And I’m now a believer in Hunt. He’s leader. He’s a tough kid who can run the ball and his passing has improved a lot. And with better playmakers, he’ll look much better, too. And you will be amazed how much smarter then coaches seem when we’ve got guys who can make plays.

- I’ve been waiting all year for “The Salt Badger” to bust out and he finally did- with 2 minutes to spare. If he doesn’t set us up like that, I don’t think it happens. We hadn’t been moving the ball much in the second half and I don’t think a Boston College-like drive was going to happen. Thanks to the SB, it didn’t need to.

- We out-rushed a running team 208-127. We got 4.5 yards per carry. They got 3.3.

- Penn State and Northwestern couldn’t beat this team. But we did.

- Hey! We won the rodeo, too!

7-6 we got there! (Now let’s go 2-0!

hunt did a great job the last 2 games leading us to victory.. he also showed that he as a lot of work to do in the summer. having Wr who get some separation will go a long way to making the QB look better.
Maybe I am wrong but weren't we the underdog in all three of the recent bowls?
Your comment about how smart the coaches are is spot on. I've been so frustrated with them at times this year but truly hope SS can use this momentum and experience to parlay itself into more positive years.
Maybe I am wrong but weren't we the underdog in all three of the recent bowls?
Yes, and they were all against BCS AQ teams... not Sunbelt/CUSA/MAC teams in the bunch. Many other teams can't say that.

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