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The View From 331: Florida State


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Mar 13, 2013
Final installment, you lucky dogs.

It says a lot about a particular football game when I can say I spent much of it conversing about other stuff not football related.

Cold and rainy, a perfect night for a roof I’d say.

Stopped at Mannys for the boy to look at something on our way up the hill. Haven’t been in years. Have some great stuff for sure. Got Christmas ideas. And I kept him out of Shirt World. Training him right.

I occurred to me, that I can’t recall the last time a group of seniors got a proper send off. Proper meaning full house and a win. Things are often so abysmal at this point in the season, that the people don’t turn out to say thank you. To be fair, the crowd wasn’t awful once it filled in, but they weren’t there for senior festivities pre-game.

Contrary to what Tom stated, last night was the worst wi-fi experience I ever had in the Dome. I’m the one who always says “I don’t know why everyone complains”. Well, this time I had zilch for Wi-Fi, zilch for 5g. It was like 1987 all over again. Not because we won, but because in 1987 I also did not have a working mini computer in my pocket. What we experienced needs to be fixed in this cashless world. My son uses Apple Cash. Just like your Apple wallet, we can text cash to his wallet, and it spends electronically just like your card in your phone. He had already made a purchase. When he went back down later, we did not realize that the wallet had not updated due to low coverage I guess. He called me (that worked) from the stand explaining he had too little funds, and I could not even forward him more money. I had to go find him and pay for it. I know, first world problems, but still. If that’s the way we pay, the systems has to support it.

Good for the FSU fans I guess, but man it was embarrassing when they started doing their chant at the end. It was very reminiscent of the Tennessee fans singing Rocky Top in 1998.

Lastly, the senior walk. We got a nice spot on the rail in the end zone and waited for the parade. Not as many as I thought there would be, especially after some of the speculations. Mikel was super nice to my son, and when asked gave him one of his gross sweaty bands he wears around his arms. All of the players were very nice and seemed appreciative of the fans for all of our support.

Here’s to a strong finish, and we’ll do this again in 10 months.


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