They Saw it All: Johnny Robinson


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Aug 26, 2011
JOHNNY ROBINSON (born September 9, 1938) 6-1 205 safety
One virtue of limited substitution, (one platoon) football was that players got a chance to show what they could do on offense and defense. A quarterback who was not a really a pro prospect might be an excellent defensive back. Fullbacks could also be linebackers. Offensive tackles could also be defensive tackles. Johnny Robinson was LSU’s other running back in the Billy Cannon days. He was drafted by both the Detroit Lions and the AFL’s Dallas Texans in 1960. Johnny opted for the Texans and started as a halfback and flanker, running for 658 yards and 2 scores and catching passes for 1228 yards and 9TDs. But in 1962, Hank Stram switched him to defense as a safety which he was for the next nine years. Nobody was better. He was All-AFL 7 times, interception 57 passes 10 in both 1966 and 1970. He played in the longest championship game of all time, the 1962 AFL title game, which the Texans won. he played in Super Bowls 1 and 4, the latter with three cracked ribs, (he recovered a fumble and made an interceptions), and the longest game in pro football history, the legendary Christmas Day game against the Dolphin in 1971. That was his last game as he suffered a career-ending injury. The Texans/Chiefs were 35-1-1 in games where he made an interception. He played in more winning games than any player in AFL history. Johnny was finally inducted into the Pro Football hall of Fame just this month, 47 years after he announced his retirement.



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Jun 24, 2012
This year????????? That's a disgrace. He was one of the best players ever in the AFL.
Part of the problem is that back then the AFL was considered the JV by as lot of NFL fans, and they still were even after they won Super Bowls III and IV.
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