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This should be a Technical EVERY SINGLE TIME….

It just seems strange to me that sideline warnings are pretty common in football when someone gets in the way. But in basketball, the refs are like "Oh I'm sorry. Don't let me get in your way, coach."
Agreed. It's also weird that football coaches can't get technical fouls.
I think Buzz had a pretty good handle on it too. Bonus points for the sweat soaked clothing
That dude literally looked like his jumped in a pool by like mid-first half.
In theory it doesn't even have to be the ballhandler who can run into him and draw a technical, right? They should see if Kevon Darton wants to play a little basketball, and when a coach keeps doing that when they're in the press to take away space, sub him in and tell him to just start in the front court and race back into the back court and run straight into the coach at full speed - let the ball carrier dribble towards that coach a bit, make sure he's not looking at the 271 pound ball of fury running at him from behind.

Once the opposing coach regains consciousness, he can be informed that he got a technical.
Don't remember any coaches being on the floor when DC and others were in the old Big East.
if they're not interfering with play it really doesn't bother me. i trust the refs to decide what's excessive. i do like to see a coach getting animated and involved rather than sitting on his hands.
I am pretty sure JJ had to avoid Mike Young last night.

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