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Aug 26, 2011
We are now a third of the way through the regular season. At this rate:

Ryan Nassib will complete 270 of 378 passes (.714) for 2817 yards, 27 TDS and 3 interceptions with an NCAA passer rating of 156.01.

All are SU records except for the passer rating becuase the yards per completion, (10.4) and attempt (7.45) are a good deal less than Don McPherson's in 1987, (18.1 and 10.2).

The average quarterback for a top 25 team last year completed 224 of 351 (.658) for 2895 yards, (12.9 per completion and 8.2 per attempt) for 23 TDs, 9 interceptions and a passer rating of 149.6. We are thus getting top 25 quarterbacking and thensome, although I hope Ryan is able to go deep more as the seaosn progresses.

Antwon Bailey is on pace for 231 carries for 954 yards, (4.1) and 9 TDs and well as 24 receptions for 159 yards (6.6) and 0 TDs. The perception is that he's having a bad year but those nubmers are pretty good. Last year he had 35 catches for 305 yards, (8.7) 3TDs. We need to get him the ball in space more.

The SU record is still held, after all these years by Joe Morris, who ran for 1372 yards on 238 carries, (5.8) but only scored 7 times in 1979. Antwon is sometimes compared to Joe Morris but he's not on that level.

The average lead running back for a top 25 team last year ran for 1093 yards on 199 carries, (5.5) and 12 TDs, a better average than Antown so far.

Alec Lemon's only catch in this game was for the go-ahead score. He's still on pace for 75 catches for 708 yards, (9.4) and 9 scores. Van Chew is on pace for 54 catches for 837 yards (15.5) and 9 TDS. Nick Provo is on pace for 45 catches for 528 yards, (11.7) and 6TDs. Interesitng that Provo has more yards per catch than Lemon. All these numbers may go down a bit as we see more of the younger receivers, who look good.

The SU record for catches is jointly held by Kevin Johnson and Mike Williams with 60. marvin Harrison holds the record for yards with 1131 on 56 catches, (20.2!). Tommy kane caught the most TD passes in a seaosn with 14. (His average was 22 0!).

The average top 25 team last year had a leading receiver with 63 catches, 947 yards (15.0) and 8TDs.. Most top 25 teams had 2-3 guys with numbers like that. So do we.

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