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Aug 23, 2013
Syracuse, NY, United States
I have 5s... always access site from phone but as of couple days ago I cannot post from phone, but I can view everything. If I like a post, it asks me to confirm I want to like it.
My older iPad I leave in the bedroom has been doing this, my main one which is new doesn't have any problem.

In guessing it's the OS on the Apple device.


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Aug 15, 2011
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IPad won't work here now. Any suggestions was fine 3 days ago
Is it possible you updated the OS in the past 3 days? If so, you might want to restore the old version. This article explains how:

How to Reverse an iPhone to a Previous Update

My opinion only...if you have an older iPhone or iPad, you might want to stop updating the OS. It keeps getting bigger and harder for an older device to run and it is inevitable that over time performance will get worse and some apps will start to have problems they didn't have before. Apple has admitted they have intentionally slowed down old devices with OS upgrades in the past to force users to buy new devices. There is a downside to not updating the OS; you might run into security problems, and the latest versions of some apps might stop working (you might consider not updating other apps too) but for the Apple OS for older devices, this is probably the lesser of the two evils you have to deal with.

For the users having problems posting using iPads and iPhones, I have an iPhone and a couple of iPads and I have no problems posting on any of them.

I use Safari on all three. I have syracusefan.com set up in Classic mode (the mode appears way at the bottom of the Safari window, in the lower left hand corner). Maybe you can post in Classic mode but can't in Mobile mode? Can you switch and try and let me know what happens?

I know there are sometimes problems with security that prevent posting. I recommend logging off the syracusefan.com web site and logging back in fresh to remove that as a possible problem.

Sometimes iDevices just need to be powered off and powered back on. If you haven't tried that, give that a shot.

I am hoping people can try these things and report back on what happened.


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Sep 12, 2016
Have had no warnings this year, can start topics and use every feature of the forum except replying.

Haven't done anything that would warrant a warning or posting restriction
Same problem here. I can post from laptop/work but cant post replies from my Ipad...no idea why.