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We need to go out and recruit a running back for


Shaky Potatoes
Aug 26, 2011
next year... Getting concerned here on that front for sure. Ty Wheatley needs to get it done. I like PTG used in the Bailey role from last year. Moore as the bruiser, but we need a featured back and we need it soon.

Did I mention how nice it is to be leaving this disgrace of a football conference! Holy , what a relief, just waking up from a 5 day bender in California, GD is it nice. Back playing the U, VT, BC, wow am I psyched
this team could compete if we had one dynamic player at WR or RB.. How are teams in the MAC able to get these guys almost every year?
What Syracuse needs to do is commit to using a single running back for 85% of the time
before a stud is going to come here, because that caliber back is not going to be interested
in splitting time. For example, a Marcus Lattimore like RB would have no willingness to
share carries when he is capable of going for 200+ on thirty carries.

I also think that with this year's team, the rotation of Bailey and Gulley gains you
nothing. They are too similar in terms of players. Last year worked because Carter
could beat up guys, and then you hit them with Bailey. This year, Bailey does his thing,
or at least tries to, and Gulley comes in, but he isn't any different. If you want a rotation
to work, the guys in it have to offer different skills.

This is why getting a david perkins is so huge. Hopefully we still have a shot there.

I am still really, really pumped for devante macfarlane though. He has the tools to be a feature back after a year or two learning the playbook, getting stronger and honing his technique.

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this team could compete if we had one dynamic player at WR or RB.. How are teams in the MAC able to get these guys almost every year?

Was thinking this all throughout the game on Saturday.

I don't believe Jarrod West is that guy, but what about Flemming? Why not give him a chance in the vertical passing game? Or at least throw the ball to Van Chew deep and see what he can do. He was open against other teams, maybe he wasn't against USC? Or did the game plan dictate that we were going to chew up clock and not go deep?

Our o-line and d-line actually did fairly well against USC. They more than held their own. Our corners, safeties, LBs, WRs and RBs were not at that level. Hopefully some of these young guys get there.
I was really hoping Flemming or West could develop into that dynamic receiver we need. We need someone who can get open deep and actually catch the ball on those deep throws. Chew and Lemon are nice complimentary wideouts, but neither one is a dominant force. Mike Williams would be perfect on this team.

As far as RB's go, if only DC3 had one more year...
We do need to recruit a back that can not only carry the payload with the run but also with capable enough hands to stretch the D through his pass catching and running.
I don't know about you guys, but it was so evident in that USC game how much we NEED a running game. As a lot of you have eluded to we NEED an evrydown back with the ability to move the chains and not get stuffed for s single yard or maybe two or three.
Don't get me wrong PTG and AB are servicable and in no way I'm putting them down, Is just that I don't see us competing and winning games if we get it going in that department. It is more than just AB and PTG splpitting carries. As someon already mentioned you need a featired back that can do both move the chains and actuall have decent hands to ctach the ball to add another dimention to our offense.

I think the Defense will get better in due time but I just don't see the Running Game doing much in the Offensive Scheme of things.
Please correct me if I am wrong. But I trully believe to recruit a complete back, I know it is easier said than done.
But if you guys watched the 4th Quarter of the USC game you can see that at one point the offense kept relying on the pass simply because it seemed it was the only thing working. KUDOS to Ryan Nassib as he has been stellar so far for us.

It is just tough when I know when can be and are better/more competitive as we do have talent in this football team.

Just Saying...
Could Macfarlane be an impact running back?
I haven't been following recruiting since the season began but are we a serious contender (or have we really ever been) for Wes Brown?
I think Gulley has been pretty impressive in his limited time. I hate to use the word flashes (cause it makes me sound like a espn know-it-all like Merrill Hodge...or Factor Back, yuck) but dudes got some moves. I think Gulley is a player in the future. Also, why are we not waiving around 44 to a potential big time recruit. How happy would ya'll be if a five start said yes to the Cuse

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